Why Natural Stone Flooring is a Good Choice for your Bedroom

Natural stone is not only sturdy and beautiful but one of the longest lasting of the flooring materials.  It is also about the only flooring material that can transition from indoors to outdoors.  It works particularly well in high traffic areas but can also add a luxury touch to bedrooms.

Benefits of stone

Top of any list of the benefits of stone is that it literally lasts forever.  There are stone structures around the world that are thousands of years old and still showing no signs of collapse.  Okay, you might not need quite that time span from your bedroom flooring, but it is nice to know that there is little reason to change a stone floor – apart from if you want to.

Unlike wood flooring, there is little maintenance needed with stone floors.  Wood floors also look amazing in that natural way but over time they become scuffed, marked or faded.  This means work to get them back to their original look or even repair work to deal with those gouges or scratches.  This isn’t a problem with stone floors which remain in their original condition for the longest time.

Stone has a natural coolness when the weather is warm that makes it ideal for a bedroom.  There’s nothing worse than being too warm when in bed and having a room that is hard to cool down without expensive air conditioning units.  But by using stone floor, the natural cooling factor of the stone will help maintain a lower temperature.

Stone is also great if anyone has allergies.  For example, dust can hide in carpets despite best efforts to vacuum them.  But stone is generally not porous and there are no fibres for allergens to hide in.  Even more porous stones such as marble are less porous than wood or cork and therefore anti-allergy.

Types of stone

When you have decided that stone is the right option for your bedroom, the next step is to consider what type of stone.  There are plenty of options to consider.


Marble brings both the durability of stone to the room but also real luxury and pairing it with a luxury bed would be a good choice.  Marble is very resilient and comes in a wide range of colours as well as patterns from pure white to darker shades with even more character.  Marble is quite heavy, so you want an expert installer to put it into place.


Granite is a hard-edged stone with a natural grain and is very resilient.  It is popular for spaces with indoor and outdoor areas such as ground floor bedrooms with patio doors.  You can get it in colours such as black, green and pearl and it can be polished for a more refined look.


Slate is ideal if you want a flooring that can handle being wet so if you have an en-suite and want to use the same flooring, this is a great choice.  It is stain resistant and comes in gold, grey and black shades.  It is also easier to work with than some other stones.


Sandstone has a naturally warm look to it and comes in a wide range of shades.  It has rocky characteristics that can make a room very unique and has the durability of stone to make it long lasting.  It too works for indoor and outdoor spaces.


Limestone is available in a wide range of colours from cream to charcoal and works in most design styles.  It is a little softer than other stones and can be polished or machine tumbled for a rougher look.  It is ideal if you want an earthly look to a room and is very easy to clean and maintain.