Style your Home this Winter with a Feature Fireplace

After a pretty mild autumn, the the cold evenings are finally drawing in, it’s time to think about fireplaces. Central heating is all well and good, but there’s nothing like a roaring fire to comfort you during the winter months.

Whether you are looking to revamp your living room or need a bespoke fireplace, J Rotherham have a wide range of beautiful hand finished stone fireplaces to suit your needs. Now, all you need to decide is, should you go for a traditional or modern style stone fireplace?

Go with your overall room design

If your living room is of a traditional design, then it usually makes sense to stay within your theme; the same goes for a modern room. What is your style: Gothic, Georgian, Art Deco, Contemporary? Sometimes it can be fun to mix up styles and a traditional-looking fireplace such as the Shakespeare could be a very interesting show-piece in a modern room.

Trending at the moment is to match wall colouring to your fireplace – you’d think this has the opposite effect to making your fireplace stand out as an architectural feature but in fact, it creates quite the feature of interest.

As every J. Rotherham fireplace is manufactured on site, we provide a bespoke service where you can customise your design however you please.

Wood, Electric or Gas?

When most people think of a fireplace they think crackling logs. A wood burning fire offers a sensory experience for those cosy winter nights in. There is nothing that can top the original wood burning fire; or is there? For many of us, it makes sense to have an electric fire that is easy to start for an instant added warmth. In the past, gas and electric fires attempted to mimic this scene but did so unrealistically.

However, modern electric stoves are incredibly realistic and create a stunning authentic log-fire effect, ideal for both traditional or modern stone fireplaces. Check out the Gazco Huntingdon electric stove which offers an amazing attention to detail from individually painted logs to its Veriflame™ technology which mimic flame patterns closely.

Gas fires are another great option for a low maintenance fireplace that provides a comforting flame. These fires usually work with a remote and can be started with the click of a button.

Opt for Stone

If you’re looking for a fireplace that will really stand out, there is nothing better than a stone fireplace to take centre stage than a solid stone fireplace.

Our Essential Collection features simple and unique fireplace designs manufactured in creamy Minoan Limestone which has uniform clean colouring. The gorgeous Shanghai fireplace is a modern creation influenced by the Bauhaus school of architecture, offering the interest of contrast stone detailing in a number of options.

Historical and literary-inspired fireplaces

For history and literature-buffs, traditional style stone fireplaces inspired by periods of British history would be ideal. Take a look at the gothic Tudor fireplace or the regal Keats design. Our Signature collection spans decades of architectural styles to help you select a fireplace that suits your period style or home.