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Realising Your Vision

Whatever the idea, we can design it. With our 3D scanning capability and our own sculptors and designers, we can create virtually anything that can be imagined in marble or stone.

We can support projects with technical drawings, watercolours, clay models and give advice on the use of the materials and technology. We have a library of design, sculpture and architectural books that help us to understand different styles and ideas.

Classical architectural details, based on the Orders: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite often require specific carvings and design. The different styles and periods also need close attention; from the delicate carvings of the Regency Period and precision of Neo-Classicism, to the character of Gothic and the boldness of Palladianism.

Modern design can be highly variable; thanks to digital photography and the ability to PDF images and drawings we can stay in close contact with clients throughout the design and manufacturing process. Unusual work can be guided as much as possible by the client.


















Leading Edge Technology

J. Rotherham’s technology base for stonework is the most extensive and sophisticated in the UK. We have unrivalled experience in the use of CNC machinery, being the first company in Britain to install a stone-working CNC in 1988. Twenty years later we continued our tradition of being at the forefront of masonry and carving technology with the installation of the country’s first seven-axis robotic machine (this specialises in carving 3-dimensional free form sculpture).

We have been involved with complex, demanding marble and stonework for decades, and it is not only having the latest technology, but possessing a tradition and passion of pushing it to its limits that sets us apart.

The robot can work in conjunction with a portable laser scanner which can scan and store the 3-dimensional forms of almost any object, large or small (perhaps an antique sculpture or finial, even a person). The robot can read this information to produce an almost complete carving, with a significant reduction in costs and an extraordinary level of accuracy.

The robot can be programmed to leave as much, or as little, to hand finishing, effectively acting as a mechanical assistant to the carver. It is also easy to re-size or mirror-image sculptures and carvings done with the robot.

The ability to scan carvings or clay models and produce them with the aid of this technology means that work can be produced individually or in quantity with scientific accuracy. Our technological capabilities can make a significant difference in time, quality and cost.



















A Tradition of Craftsmanship

It is the craftsmanship of an object that defines what it is, since without it an idea cannot take on its correct form. Craftsmanship is the defining element of a quality piece of stonework. Hand finishing can impart the greatest subtlety, finesse and beauty; our carvers and masons are trained to understand this, taking the finishing of a piece to the very highest levels.

We do not measure ourselves against modern craftsmanship standards; we look to best work of past centuries, when true excellence was the yardstick against which craftsmen were measured.

The techniques, skills and knowledge Henry Rotherham passed on to Joseph Rotherham senior are still getting passed on to this day through our apprenticeship and advanced training programmes. As a result our craftsmen understand the materials they work with inherently and appreciate how to get the best out of each individual stone.

It is our philosophy that technology without craftsmanship is flawed, whilst on a pragmatic level craftsmanship without technology is too inefficient for the expectations of the modern world.  J. Rotherham is at the forefront of creating a synergy between state-of-the-art technology and the techniques of time-honoured craftsmanship, taking each and every stone project we work on to the highest standards of all, our own.



















The Material Matters

J. Rotherham source only the highest quality Grade A materials, with experience and relationships with suppliers developed over several decades. An expert understanding of the various stones and the nuances in manufacturing them so they are ultimately presented to you at their finest is the bedrock upon which the company has built its reputation.

J. Rotherham has the largest stockyard of any manufacturer in the UK, with over three thousand slabs of stock held on site at our factory in East Yorkshire, allowing exceptionally fast turnaround on projects across a wide range of popular materials. Our expertise and exhaustive list of global contacts within the industry also allow us to source unique, rare and highly specific material requirements.

Whether sourcing the very purest Statuario from the mountains above Carrara in Italy for a statue or searching for a rare, precious labradorite granite from Madagascar, we know exactly what quality details to look for and defects to avoid.

J. Rotherham also possess a wealth of information on historical and classical material usage. Ensuring that the correct materials are used within a design scheme or product can be of paramount importance to protect heritage and retain integrity.

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