Retro and Vintage Styling with J Rotherham Worktops

In both the fashion and the interior design world, hot trends and chic patterns tend to repeat themselves in a cyclic manner; resulting in the prediction that what might seem out-dated today could well be popular in years to come.

Retro and vintage has been making a comeback in recent times, as designers are quickly turning towards decor and prints of the past to add edge to contemporary spaces. As well as this cyclic direction of fashion, nostalgia also plays a key role in dictating the course of popular interior design trends.

60s – 80s Retro


Think of retro kitchens and inevitably the mind tends to picture those colourful American diners from the 60s and the 70s. The distinct style of these two eras works on the idea of adding distinct features to the kitchen space to bring to life new and modern residences that are largely draped in neutral colours.

With white being the hot new neutral colour, tangy splashes of orange and cheerful reds can be a welcome change. The featured Kitchen above teams retro colour and design with modern ergonomics:  the clean and simple lines of the neutral J Rotherham Corian® worktop surface and glossy red enamel cabinets create the perfect bold contrast.

If you are not happy with just a touch of colour here and there, you can go as far as you want with further bold themes just like the funky mosaic flooring in the kitchen pictured above.


Or how about throwing in few bar stools with Coco-Cola motif or a jukebox from the 70s to liven things up. We think this design would look great contrasted against a J Rotherham Gemini Quartz worktop, especially the Gemini Quartz Concrete range.

 Retro cottage/Shabby-chic


Cottage-chic and “Shabby-chic” are a duo that work well in their own style, or can go hand- in-hand perfectly. These styles have really hit it off on the vintage scene in recent years, especially for those who saw the 50s. This cottage-chic kitchen, with its ornate cabinets and cosy colours can provide an everyday nostalgia or for those who missed the 50s, an on-trend fascination with the past.

This kitchen teams cottage- chic style with a stunning J Rotherham Granite worktop in Moon White which provides a distinct beauty to this vintage kitchen that is one of a kind.

Classic Designs with a Modern Twist


There are many design experts who believe that the modern art-deco style also falls under the vintage umbrella, as the post-depression 1930s saw the advent of glossy and curvy surface design. You can add a touch of retro with a streamlined, continuous worktop which can create a sophisticated, yet playful kitchen.

Our Corian® worktop range is made to achieve on-trend streamlined designs; its flexible and durable nature means that it is the perfect material for creative interior design.  you could even incorporate Corian® sinks and backsplashes to the lay-out, creating a perfectly integrated and sleek appearance of a single, solid surface.

Cool, fashionable and vivacious, now is the time to get aboard the retro kitchen bandwagon. Whichever design inspires you, our wide range of Corian®, Gemini Quartz and Granite worktops offer numerous options to suit your own unique style; we have the ability to produce luxury worktops, unique to your requirements, providing your vintage or retro kitchen with an added beauty that is one of a kind.