Product Guide: Electric Fires and Stoves

Why should I buy an Electric Fire or Stove?

Electric heating appliances have come a long way in a short space of time. The right Electric Fire or Stove is now a high quality cost effective heating appliance, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to look at. Electric Fires and Stoves come in a range of styles from the traditional to the contemporary.

There are many good reasons to select an Electric heating appliance for your home. Electric offers:

– Beautiful visual effects; often in a range of flame patterns and colour choices, such as a deep amber glow or contemporary electric blue flames

– Ambient warmth; a cost effective and temperature controlled heating appliance, alternatively enjoy the flame effects without the heat

– Easy and cost effective installation; can be installed in homes where Gas or Solid Fuel is not an option, no flue or chimney is required just a standard power socket

J. Rotherham have selected only reputable brands and models of Electric Fires and Stoves that we believe offer the best choice of designs and durability that represent best value for money.

Which Electric Fire / Stove is right for me?

The main choices when it comes to selecting an Electric heating appliance are:

Fire or Stove?

An Electric Fire will typically fit against a flat wall, and there are multiple sizes and styles to suit your tastes. An Electric Stove will often require a Builders Opening (as you would with a Gas or Solid Fuel Stove).

Design and Size

Choose from traditional through to highly contemporary designs in both Fire and Stove formats. Electric Fires can be selected in a range of size formats, from traditional fire grate styles through to panoramic large format fires.

Heat Output

Electric Fire and Stoves typically have different heat outputs to select from depending on how much heat you want the appliance to produce.

Flame and Fuel Bed Effects

Different brands and models will offer unique flame effects.


Electric fires and stoves can be up to 99% heat efficient.

Ease of use

Some appliances will offer remote control and smart phone controls


Some appliances have proprietary technology to reduce background noise from the fan operating systems.


How long you are covered from purchase for the maintenance of your fire

How do I know that the Electric Fire  / Stove fits with the Fireplace I have chosen?

We use clever algorithms in our Fireplace Configurator that ensures your chosen Fireplace configuration of Fireplace and Fire will work together. You can rest assured that your chosen Electric Fire or Stove fits perfectly with the Fireplace you have chosen.

If you can’t select a Fire you see on our product pages with the Fireplace configuration you have chosen, this means that there is a reason why it is not compatible, if you would like further information about this please contact us.

Do I need an engineer to install my Electric heating appliance?

You do not require a specialist Fireplace installer or Electrician to install your Electric Fire as the plug only needs connecting to a mains socket. However, if the mains socket is not located in a suitable location, then this may spoil the effect of the Fire / Stove as you will see the lead connection from the Fire to the power socket. We recommend having a power socket located so the plug will be out of site. If the power socket needs moving then this needs to be done by a qualified electrician.

If J. Rotherham are installing your Fireplace, we will advise at Home Survey if we think your power socket needs moving and recommend the exact location so you can arrange an Electrician to carry out the necessary works before we install the Fireplace.

All J. Rotherham Stone Fireplaces must be installed by a professional fireplace installer.   

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