Portland’s original mine set to double extraction rate

Albion Stone, our long standing Portland Limestone suppliers are proving their status as one of the largest and most technically advanced stone extractors in the UK.

Revolutionising the extraction processes of the highest quality British Limestone on the market, Albion Stone are committed to their future and current objectives in the industry.

A key part of their long term strategy has been to gradually transfer operations from traditional quarrying to modern, highly efficient mine extraction over a period of 10-15 years. With their Bower’s and Jordan’s sites now solely run as fully functioning mining operations, as of summer 2015, they have successfully fulfilled this goal.


Bowers Quarry was the location of our original mine opening in 2001. The success of this trial mine gave us the confidence to commence our second, bigger mining operation in Jordans quarry during the winter of 2008.

Barrie Thomas, Albion Stone plc Sales Executive.


A heavy investment in a new plant has ensured that both mines can work simultaneously in order to address the fact that demand for natural Portland stone is currently at an all-time high. Albion aim for their rates of extraction to increase by as much as 100% with the opening of the Bowers mine and are preparing a healthy stock of blocks ready for project selection.

In addition, their switch to mining processes has allowed for a significant reduction in environmental impact, making Portland stone an economical yet sustainable choice that compares favourably with many alternative construction materials.

Albion Stone’s commitment to producing a product of the highest quality is one that conforms to the rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Management standard and have gained certification of Environmental Management standard ISO 14001 and have achieved a ‘Very Good’ rating in BES 6001 the Responsible Sourcing standard for Construction Products.

With over 40 years of reserves under the Albion Stone name, here at J Rotherham we look forward to a future of partnership in producing the most high quality stone products in the industry for years to come.

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