New Year New…Fireplace?

Now we are shaking off our January blues, a lot of us turn to our fresh start which often includes plans to update and/or renovate our home. Why not include the installation of a modern fireplace to your plans early this year and add a contemporary edge to your home.

Modern fireplaces are sleek, on-trend and ideal for the homeowner who yearns for the warmth of a fireplace but needs it to fit with their contemporary interior. The latest styles involve minimalistic, clean lines, timeless materials and the utmost in beauty and efficiency.

Inset and In Wall Fireplaces

A latest trend using in wall fireplaces is placing them as room dividers.

Create the illusion of a floating wall with your inset fire. We think this modern fireplace is a linear masterpiece and performs well as a room divider with an excellent view from both sides.

Or this inset glass cube fireplace adds a lot of interest with its off centre position and combination of metal and geometric surrounding wall.

The Indoor fire pit

Another ultra-modern fireplace idea: bringing the outdoors in.

This indoor fire pit is an impressive focal feature of a room and we love the drama it adds to this space.

This comfy snug is the most popular area of the public lounge its located. The modern fire adds a novel interest teamed with the funky 70s style decor that surrounds.

The Kitchen Fireplace

In fitting with the main social room of the modern home a contemporary fireplace in the kitchen is unique and adds welcoming warmth.

A kitchen fireplace is the perfect spot for morning coffee or after-dinner drinks.

A modern fireplace feature looks sleek with its metal and glass frame and brings edge to this minimalist kitchen.

Enjoy a beautiful design element in your home and make your modern fireplace a J. Rotherham fireplace. For those who would like to update their interior style, our modern fireplace range is a fitting choice with their clean lines and timeless appeal. We also sell a number of modern fire appliances including inset and in-wall fires to suit a number of modern interior trends.

Featured Image: The Vision Trimline 73H available at J.Rotherham

All J.Rotherham fireplace surrounds are:
– Made in Britain and manufactured at the highest quality
– Delivered with extremely short lead times
– Available to order in bespoke sizes