The Ancaster Hard White belt is found within Jurassic limestone and have been abundant for many centuries. This dates back to the Saxon period, when some of the country’s most iconic buildings were constructed.


If you looking to install a true piece of nature as a centrepiece in your home, with its honey tones and striking fossil and quartz patterning, this limestone will please. There is a high likelihood of fossils in the stone and colour tends to vary from block to block.


It is also highly likely for quartz veining to be present but these come out more delicately in Ancaster when compared to that of Bathstone. This means that no two fireplaces will ever be the same, adding a true uniqueness to your home.


The limestone also has a smooth and tight texture which allows the stone to be worked and carved. This means it is suitable for most architectural detailing, fine carvings and a perfect choice for one of our more intricate fireplace designs.