Linda Barker Granite Worktops Case Study

J. Rotherham, leading stonemason and supplier of natural stone and composite surfaces, were recently welcomed into the home of leading English Interior Designer & TV Presenter, Linda Barker, who cherry-picked J. Rotherham’s Bianco Antique Gemini Granite and European Oak for her newly renovated kitchen.

Completed autumn 2014, this bespoke kitchen worktop can be found in J. Rotherham’s own Gemini Granite collection where Linda chose a 30mm thickness with Sharks Nose edge profile and Bianco Antique finish. This luxury bespoke worktop is also complemented by J. Rotherham’s Gemini Wood in 40mm European Oak which was designed as a practical breakfast bar and front panelling.

The organic texture of the Gemini Granite and Gemini Wood surfaces provide contrast in the Linda’s kitchen, all the while tying the whole look together by evoking a classical aesthetic with notable heritage and beauty.

“A big thank you to J. Rotherham for achieving a wonderful worktop with such a brilliant, high quality finish”- Linda Barker

Linda goes on to say: “When I chose to have a massive refit of my kitchen at home, I knew I wanted a luxurious granite worktop which is what led me to J. Rotherham as both manufacturer and installer.”

J. Rotherham’s Gemini Granite is a carefully selected range of the most popular and consistent granite from around the world to provide the highest quality and most luxurious finishing touch to any kitchen.

Bringing a beautiful new worktop to life, Gemini Granite by J. Rotherham offers a natural appeal that only granite provides with further guarantees of: structural integrity, unique ‘Nano-Technology’ stain protection, colour density, ability to match slabs, beautiful finish with 50mm smooth undersides and 10 year Limited Warranty.

J. Rotherham’s multi-material integration is an exclusive advantage to this brand and its extensive standard and bespoke surface collection. With such a high level of expertise and knowledge, J. Rotherham is one of the very few niche worktop fabricators with the in-house skills and technology to offer granite, quartz, acrylic and wood!

Linda Barker

Material Used:


Why choose Gemini Granite?

Granite is generally quarried directly from the mountainside where it has formed slowly over millions of years. Colour and veining changes along with geographical characteristics and mineral composition of each area. This ensures your granite kitchen worktop will be a unique and beautiful piece of nature, giving your kitchen that luxurious, natural appeal only granite can provide.

Gemini Granite is a carefully selected range of the most popular and consistent granite from around the world, providing a stunning finishing touch and bringing your beautiful new worktop to life.


stain shieldNano Technology Stain Shield
This special stain repellent is applied to every Gemini Granite worktop piece, offering greater protection against household products that could stain the surface. Once sealed, the protective surface prevents micro-pores inherent in the granite from absorbing liquids and allow the granite to breathe and retain its natural appearance.


Natural Beauty
Gemini Granite is formed over millions of years and gives you a unique piece of nature in your home.

high-polishHigh Polish
The slow crystallisation of molten magma deep in the Earth’s crust makes Granite a very hard material, and therefore allows it to take a high polish.

heat-resHeat Resistant
Gemini Granite has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof.


Very Hygienic
Gemini Granite has a naturally cool surface, making it ideal for food preparation.


Scratch Resistant
Mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required.