Kitchen Worktop FAQs

Have a question about our kitchen countertops? The best place to find an answer is in our Worktop FAQs section, where you can find all the frequently asked questions concerning our products.

What is Quartz / Granite / Acrylic?

Worktop FAQsQuartz– Gemini Quartz is a unique stone that could only come from a combination of the best that nature has to offer and the most advanced technology for kitchen worktop design.  Gemini Quartz has a sophisticated appearance; it has the feel and weight of natural stone but with a striking modern quality.  Composed of at least 90% inorganic components (essentially quartz and silicone).  Gemini Quartz can be used in the creation of the most beautiful kitchen worktops, its colour consistency being better than any other natural stone.

Granite – Granite is generally quarried directly from the mountainside where it has formed slowly over millions of years.  Colour and veining changes along with geographical characteristics and mineral composition of each area.  This ensures your granite kitchen worktop will be a unique and beautiful piece of nature, giving your kitchen that luxurious, natural appeal only granite can provide.  Gemini Granite is a carefully selected range of the most popular and consistent granite from around the world, providing a stunning finishing touch and bringing your beautiful new  kitchen worktop to life.

Acrylic – Gemini Acrylic surfaces create visually stunning, homogenous and aesthetically beautiful kitchen worktops.  Gemini Acrylic is made from the highest quality composition using 100% PMMA (pure acrylic) and mixed with natural minerals (primarily aluminium trihydrate, derived from bauxite).  Pure acrylic is a premium quality material that will retain its colour over time and avoid yellowing discolouration that is a feature of inferior quality brands.  A range of moulded sinks is also available to compliment your kitchen worktop design.

Does it stain?

Quartz – Gemini Quartz is a non-porous kitchen worktop surface and is very resistant from products of daily use.

Granite – All Gemini Granite comes with Stain Shield as standard.  This special repellent is applied to every Gemini Granite worktop piece, offering greater protection against household products that could stain the surface.  It is added to the worktops in our factory and goes beyond conventional sealers in that once professionally applied it creates a natural bond with the granite, eliminating the need for any further application over time.

Once the stain resistant sealer has permeated the surface, typically to a depth of 5mm, it prevents the micro-pores inherent in the granite from absorbing liquids whilst still allowing the granite to breathe so it retains its natural appearance.

Acrylic – Gemini Acrylic is a non-porous worktop surface and very resistant to stains of coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar; make-up and lots of products of daily use.

Can I cut directly on my worktop?

Quartz – Gemini Quartz is a dense and compact material which results in the worktop surface having a high resistance to scratching and abraisions.  There are only three natural stones harder than Quartz; Diamond, Sapphire and Topaz.

Granite – Gemini Granite is an igneous rock and therefore it is very hard, making it difficult to scratch or damage the worktop surface.

Acrylic  – Gemini Acrylic worktops are renewable meaning they can be fully restored with ordinary and mild household abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad, or in the event of heavy wear and tear through a professional restoration service.

Will hot pans damage my worktop?

Quartz/Granite – Gemini Quartz / Gemini Granite has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof.  We recommend the use of hob bars and trivets for added protection for your kitchen worktop.

Acrylic  – Avoid placing hot pans directly onto the acrylic surface as this can damage the worktop. Always use heat mats/trivets. We also recommend specifying hob bars adjacent to hob for guaranteed protection across the kitchen worktop.

How do I clean my worktop?

Quartz/Granite– Mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required. For more stubborn marks or spillages try Cif or equivalent. Always read the label on cleaning products to check for suitability with materials.

Acrylic – Mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required. For more stubborn marks or spillages try Cif or equivalent. You can also use Bar Keepers Friend  for oil and grease marks. Always read the label on cleaning products to check for suitability with materials.

What is the longest worktop length I can have?

Quartz worktop– Maximum length without a joint is 3000mm

Granite worktop – Maximum length without a joint is 2700mm

Acrylic worktop – Gemini Acrylic can be fabricated with inconspicuous joints helping create a seamless worksurface appearance.

How do you template and install my worktop?

For the best quality and service, all our luxury worktops require an initial template that takes place once the cabinet units are in situ.  With state of the art laser measuring equipment our technology and standards are the highest in the industry.  J. Rotherham Installation Teams ensure that your worktops are installed by personable and presentable professionals.  Worktops are installed using matching glues and adhesives to ensure top quality consistency and where applicable extra strengthening mechanisms such as biscuit joints will be used. Template lead time is 5-7 days.

How long will it take to deliver my worktop?

J. Rotherham will aim to deliver and install your worktops within 7-10 working days (10-14 days – Corian) from template date. Large and/or complicated worktops may take longer to manufacture and install which we will advise you on. Please also note, we experience extremely high volumes of orders in the run up to Christmas, as such we strongly recommend ensuring you plan well in advance to ensure we meet your worktop project timeframes.

We understand the time sensitive nature of kitchen worktop installations and will always do our best to ensure that we meet your requirements within reasonable expectation, however, please also be aware that every product we manufacture is completely bespoke and hand finished to the highest standards in the industry. We will not sacrifice quality over speed.

Is my worktop covered by a warranty?

Gemini Quartz is covered by a 25 year warranty, whilst Granite and Corian worktops are covered by a 10 year warranty.


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