Our Granite Worktops are manufactured from a carefully selected range of the most popular and consistent granite from around the world. Colour and veining changes providing a unique, natural and luxurious finishing touch to bring your kitchen to life.

Advantages of Granite Worktops

 Granite has a natural beauty Natural Beauty 
Granite is formed over millions of years and gives you a unique piece of nature in your home.

Granite can take a high polishHigh Polish
The slow crystallisation of molten magma makes Granite a very hard material, allowing a high polish.

Granite is scratch resistantScratch Resistant
Granite is an igneous rock and therefore it is very hard, making it difficult to scratch or damage.

Granite worktops have a 10 year warranty10 Year Warranty
A genuine commitment that you are being provided with the very best quality.

Granite is heat resistantHeat Resistant
Granite has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof.

Granite is HygienicHygienic
Granite has a naturally cool surface, making it ideal for food preparation.

Granite is easy to maintainEasy Maintenance
Mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required.


Granite Worktops Characteristics

Granite is a natural material quarried directly from the earth’s surface. Variation of colour, brecciation (the formation of rock composed of angular fragments embedded in a fine grained matrix) and pitting (natural surface indentations) within the slabs is an inherent part of the nature and the beauty of these materials and is not considered to be a fault.

Every piece of granite used for worktops is unique and we cannot guarantee that what is on display or seen as a sample will be the exact tone and colour variation received.

Small fissures are commonly found in granite, these are natural flaws inherent in the material and a result of its natural formation. Where not excessive and a risk to the structural integrity of the granite these are deemed acceptable.

Small chips or scratches may also arise during the manufacture and installation of granite worktops and we reserve the right to replace or repair to a professional standard any minor defects at our own discretion.

Fabrication processes involving polishing, e.g. drainer grooves and edge profiling, can appear very slightly duller than the surface polish. Leather finish will show marks more readily than a polished finish.

All Granite worktops are provided with a Care and Maintenance Kit and 10 Year Limited Warranty. Please follow the instructions included to ensure you keep your worktops in pristine condition.

stain shield

Granite Stain Shield

This special Nano technology stain repellent is professionally applied to every Granite worktop piece; the high performance impregnator contains highly active nano-particles providing the highest level of protection for granite worktops. The active components build a thin invisible film inside the capillary system of the stone which repels water, oil and grease and ensures the granite retains its natural beauty and character.

Once the stain resistant impregnator has been applied, typically to a depth of 5mm, it prevents the micro-pores inherent within the granite from absorbing liquids.

The impregnator still allows the granite to breathe so that it retains its natural appearance.

This high end product is backed up by our specialist technical team. Please call the dedicated number on our care kits should you have any issues with your surface or wish to discuss cleaning and maintenance in the future.

Using stain shield nano-technology and the correct after care products will ensure that the impregnator offers the maximum protection and that the granite worktops retains their natural beauty, even around areas of heavy wear such as around the hob and sink area.


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