Gemini Quartz® Worktops by J. Rotherham are manufactured from a unique stone that could only come from a combination of the best that nature has to offer and the most advanced technology.

Advantages of Gemini Quartz Worktops

Gemini Quartz ® Worktops are typically made from 93% quartz crystals for a high level of polish and good resistance to heat. The dense, compact material results in minimal air pockets meaning Gemini Quartz® worktops are resistant to shock, scratching and staining.

Matching slabs of Gemini Quartz ® are used to ensure consistency of tone and colour for aesthetic appeal and aggregates such as mirror fleck are evenly and frequently distributed for a beautiful finish.
50mm smooth undersides provide a beautiful smooth finishing touch, whilst all Gemini Quartz® worktops come with a 25 Year Limited Warranty- a genuine commitment that you are being provided with the very best quality.

Natural Beauty
Gemini Quartz® has an elegance and beauty only comparable with the most beautiful natural stones.

Stain Resistant
Gemini Quartz® is a non-porous surface and is very resistant to stains from products of daily use.

Scratch Resistant
There are only three natural stones that are harder than Quartz; Diamond, Sapphire and Topaz.

Heat Resistant
Gemini Quartz has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof.

Shock Resistant
Gemini Quartz has a great shock resistance – ranked higher than other products used for similar applications.

Gemini Quartz® worktops provide a very sterile worktop helping inhibit the growth of everyday bacteria.

Easy Maintenance
Mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required.

25 Year Warranty
A genuine commitment that you are being provided with the very best quality worktops.

Gemini Quartz Characteristics

Quartz Worktops are engineered using approximately 90-93% natural quartz and bonded using high performance resin and pigments. The material is considered to be very consistent in appearance compared to natural stones such as granite, however, slight variances can occur in colour, tonality and particle structure.

Very small air holes can be present in the material as a result of the vacuum vibration plant that engineers the slabs. These are an inherent part of the manufacturing process and are not deemed a fault.

Mirror fleck (Starburst) colours have a mirror particle running through the slab and are distributed randomly and will not always face the surface. Resin filler can also be used to repair the surface where mirror particles are detached during manufacture. The veining and natural effect composition of the Mythology Series colours may vary in intensity and highlight joints where there is directional change.

Small chips or scratches may also arise during the manufacture and installation of quartz worktops and we reserve the right to replace or repair to a professional standard any minor defects at our own discretion.

Fabrication processes involving polishing, e.g. drainer grooves and edge profiling, can appear very slightly duller than the surface polish.
Light and/or plain colours can show very small dark spots whilst darker colours can have mildly faint patches. This is a result of using natural minerals and resin and where not excessive are not considered a quality fault.

All worktops are provided with a Care and Maintenance Kit and 25 Year Limited Warranty. Please follow the instructions included to ensure you keep your worktops in pristine condition. Quartz is made to the very highest specification available and has attained internationally recognised quality standards NSF and Greenguard.

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