Aurea Stone is an all new quartz brand focused exclusively on creating the most realistic marble effect colours, “the brightest and whitest on the market”.

Advantages of Aurea Stone

Aurea Stone is the only quartz with high definition character movement evident in its sharp, clean, tight lines and the only quartz with translucency equivalent to match real marble. Earlier generation quartz has a more 2D surface appearance.

Quartz of the earlier generation would often appear more blurry and washed-out – but, thanks to advanced PHI technology©, high definition details and a depth of translucency in its surface makes Aurea Stone a closer match than ever before.

PHI Technology is a one-step, ambient temperature, ambient pressure process that joins the standard manufacturing process and mixing composition in the Engineered stone industry, obtaining an exclusive natural stone looking product that has been pursued for years.

Aurea Stone is beautifulBeauty
Patterns look like they are alive, and the incredible shifting of shades and movement makes them unique.

Aurea Stone Worktops are Stain ResistantStain Resistant
PHI Technology offers a stain-less surface. The look of high-end natural stones in your dream applications.

Aurea Stone is stronger than GraniteStronger than Granite
An enhanced surface, suitable for any application, with a better durability than any other material.

Aurea Stone is the purest white QuartzPurest White
The way Aurea Stone is produced provides a grainless surface with an extraordinary white background.


Aurea Stone has a consistent appearanceConsistency
The look of high-end natural stones for any application, with a consistent appearance.

Aurea Stone is Heat ResistantHeat Resistant
Aurea Stone is heat resistant and has been improved vs. other engineered quartz product lines.

Aurea Stone absorbs less water than standard quartzLess Water absorption
Absorbs much less water than competing quartz products and other engineered stone options.

15 Year Warranty
A genuine commitment that you are being provided with the very best quality worktops.


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