J. Rotherham is unique amongst kitchen worktop producers for our range of exceptional special features. Designed to stand out from the crowd, our range of kitchen islands, shelving and overmantles brings the best of top quality designer refinement at an affordable price.


One of the most striking kitchen island designs in the entire industry. The stealth has the sleekest, boldest lines giving the impression of a giant crystal structure or indeed its namesake, the Stealth Nighthawk Jet plane.


A combination of traditional looks and materials carefully adapted for the modern kitchen. The look and feel of beautifully crafted limestone, with exquisite classical, architectural proportions adds a feeling of unmatched quality and style to the kitchen.


One of the most distinctive, remarkable kitchen islands in production. The sense of illusion, space and modernity created by the mirrored panel is enhanced by the large chamfers which show off the beauty of the material.


This highly minimalist design shows only the neatest, cleanest lines in a simple but attractive arrangement. The mirrored panel creates a sense of space and strengthens the sense of delicacy and lightness of the material surfaces.


This simple design creates extra worksurface area as well as a useful, comfortable breakfast bar. Quality materials and the neat interlocking metal construction make this highly functional island a great kitchen centre piece.


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