J. R install UK’s first dedicated sintered stone production line

J. Rotherham, one of the oldest and most respected stone masonry companies in the United Kingdom, continues its advancement in technology by installing the UK’s first dedicated sintered stone production line.

Installed between November 2014 and June 2015, J. Rotherham’s investment includes a new Breton CNC saw, NC300 CNC router and a new 5 axis Breton Classica waterjet, which is the most precise machine available on the UK market. Designed specifically for cutting sintered stone slabs, the high pressure water jet creates a precise, clean cut like no other.

Due to the tensile strength of sintered stone, J. Rotherham’s new water jet method is especially valuable when mitring high quality worktops for built up edges or when specialist shaping is required.

A worthy addition to its 17 acre state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Yorkshire, J. Rotherham’s integration of this production line is to primarily create increased capacity whilst achieving the best finish across the newly launched Lapitec and Neolith sintered stone worktops.


“We are extremely excited to continue pushing the boundaries of surface design, especially now having these new stones to work with. Our world class workforce built up of four generations has given us a reputation for creating some of the most innovative worktop designs on the market, with Lapitec and Neolith being our latest and most technologically advanced.”

Matt Rotherham, Managing Director of J. Rotherham

What is Neolith?

A revolutionary material manufactured by The Size in Spain, using state-of-the-art precision technology and premium raw components. The raw slabs are fabricated into bespoke worktops in J. Rotherham’s high-tech factory, completely automated to allow for consistently excellent standards, Neolith sintered stone is made from 100% natural materials.

A highly innovative material for application in either the kitchen or bathroom, Neolith is a superior-quality, man-made designer stone that breaks new ground in terms of interior design.


  • Waterproof: Neolith has a low porosity, resisting moisture
  • Temperature Resistant: Neolith doesn’t burn or mark when subjected to high temperatures
  • Durable: The clean, neat surface of Neolith is strong and resistant to scratches and abraisions
  • Sustainable: Composed entirely of natural materials, Neolith does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment and is completely recyclable.
  • Available in 12mm and 20mm thickness

Image: Waterjet cutting a slab of Neolith

Available in over 20 different finishes, Neolith is a trend-setting material and adaptable, with a range of possibilities to fit both bathroom and kitchen interiors.

Neolith is the material of choice for our new contemporary Fireplace collection, launching this summer.

For more information on Neolith or to view material swatches, please visit the Neolith product section on our website.

What is Lapitec?

J. Rotherham is also happy to introduce to its range of premium worktop materials, Lapitec. An outstanding man-made stone that brings exceptional quality to kitchens, bathrooms, Lapitec can even be used for external paving, cladding and also furniture design. Lapitec is also defined as ‘Sintered Stone’, developed using scientific principles and sophisticated, patented manufacturing techniques. Made up from 100% mineral components, Lapitec’s full-bodied composition allows for a completely uniform appearance.


  • Temperature resistant: Lapitec is impervious to extreme heat and cold
  • Robust: Lapitec is resistant to scratches, abraisions and UV light
  • Water Resistant: resistant to moisture, acids and alkalis, Lapitec is extremely hard wearing
  • Available in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm thickness


Image: Lapitec Kitchen

For more information on Lapitec or to view material swatches, please visit the Lapitec product section on our website.