It’s Time for Quartz

When you think kitchen worktops, two words will typically spring to mind; granite and marble, but here’s another that should be at the forefront of that list: Quartz.

Yes quartz, the mineral made famous by horology, should be your top pick – as you decide on your new kitchen’s horizontal focal point. It is the material that is currently driving the market. And with good reason, quartz was long seen as a lesser alternative to granite, its earlier iterations were considered grainy and ‘low-res’, but now quartz enjoys its place at the forefront of innovation in the competitive arena of kitchen worktops.

Here’s why.

Quartz is driving diversification in the surfaces sector. Quartz brings a rather unique asset to the table, it can be customised to anyone’s whim, if you want a unique kitchen worktop, you choose quartz. Small amounts of glass or metallic material can be added easily to customise the surface, resulting in an almost unending range of choice in colour, texture and feel.

Quartz is also one of the hardest minerals that can be found in the earth, it is non-porous, meaning it will resist stains and is almost impossible to chip. To add to this, quartz is also highly temperature resistant and easier to maintain than granite or marble.

The British consumer is fast becoming more knowledgeable in the kitchen improvement sector, through the advent of the internet and through curated content that will make any casual reader an expert in home décor. We all expect the finest quality materials because of this knowledge. This naturally translates to the surfaces sector, this is where quartz sits, and it fits the bill perfectly. As well as its inherent quality, quartz bleeds class, it disperses a certain je ne sais quoi and sets your kitchen design off a treat, it is, quite simply, tangible value for money and it looks fantastic in any light.

It truly is a buyer’s market. With new materials, new forms of cutting edge production, technologies such as PHI (we’ll touch on this later) and visual flair now a real way for an establishment to set itself out from the competition. Many purveyors of fine kitchen surface materials will turn to quartz for inspiration, in a way to diversify their collections – and thanks to the competition present in this market, the buyer benefits through refinement of practices and design, to ensure quartz is now the enviable choice when you come to show off your new kitchen to your friends and family.

Quartz’s favourable properties make it a dream to work with in its manufacture. This makes it popular as a material used to create bleeding edge technology worktops. There is nothing more modern and sought after than Gemini Quartz®, available from J. Rotherham.

This material combines the natural beauty of a crafted quartz worktop, with the practical application it offers in the home. We use quartz worktops that are engineered using 90-93% natural quartz and bonded together with high performance resin and pigments, resulting in an attractive surface that is as resistant to heat, shock, stains and scratches as it is pleasing to the eye.

To take this a step further, we must cast our eyes to the next generation in Quartz. J. Rotherham are delighted to be working exclusively with Aurea Stone to bring a new tier of quality to the quartz market in the UK.

Aurea Stone offers the most realistic match to natural marble, creating a surface so carefully engineered, that Quartz 2.0 becomes almost indistinguishable from natural marble side-by-side. Of course, this means you retain all of the superb properties of quartz, while gaining the near-identical aesthetic qualities of a fabulous marble surface.

Quartz’s earlier iterations were perhaps 2D in appearance, which conveyed blurry or washed out definitions, but now – with the advent of advanced PHI technology, which is a one-step ambient temperature and ambient pressure process that unites standard manufacturing processes and mixing compositions in the engineered stone industry.

This produces an exclusive, natural looking stone that has been the holy grail of the industry, and sought-after for countless years. In addition to this, high definition and depth of translucency ensures that Aurea Stone’s Quartz 2.0 is a closer match to marble than anything ever possible before.