How to Maximise Your Kitchen Worktop Space

Install Extra Storage Units

Floor to ceiling cabinets, a tall larder and other tall storage cabinets are an excellent way to declutter your kitchen worktop. Real Homes features an array of kitchen cabinet ideas that will help you maximise space. This is perfect for storing infrequently used items that would normally sit on your worktop. The wide selection of kitchen units featured on Screwfix show how different cabinet designs can be integrated to fit areas where there is a lack of space. Installing a tall and thin larder cupboard will help ensure that you don’t end up storing dry or tinned food on the worktop, while also not taking up too much floor space.

Moveable Island

If you don’t have space for a full island in your kitchen to increase your worktop space, a smaller, moveable island extension might be a good option. A mobile unit also gives you more flexibility when you’re cooking. Most units come with storage shelves underneath to help you declutter the rest of the kitchen by storing bowls, plates and pans for easy access. The kitchen island carts featured on The Spruce vary from wheeled butcher blocks with shelving to mobile granite worktops to help you add more surface area and storage.

Lift Up Your Most Used Essentials

Floating shelves are one of the easiest ways to declutter your worktop and they add a bit of style as well. Decorative open shelving looks beautiful in any kitchen and is highly practical. This way you can keep the things you use the most, like tea, a coffee maker, knives, salt and pepper, as well as other necessities close by without cluttering up your worktop. You can even arrange cookbooks as well as fresh herbs to keep them away from your worktop and create a stunning feature.

Use Your Ceiling Space

Most people forget that the ceiling can be a handy place for storage. So, when you want to maximise your cabinets to store your worktop items in them, look for a stylish rack to mount on the ceiling to hang bulky kitchen items. MSN Lifestyle explains how a ceiling-mounted rack is an excellent idea for hanging pots, pans and colanders to maximise your storage space.

Utilise the Space Above Your Cabinets and Fridge

This is a great storage solution to what are often-underutilised spaces. By storing bulkier items, which are least used on top of your kitchen cabinets, you can declutter your worktop space for essentials. The space above your fridge is also a good place to use dividers for a storage solution to keep cutting boards, books and other flat objects neatly tucked away. This is also a good space to display some potted plants and keep your worktop as empty as possible.

Expand Your Worktop

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, look to increase your prep space by using extended worktops, or adding a permanent island. Some builder’s merchants, kitchen manufacturers and other companies will supply new kitchen cabinet doors, drawer front and worktops, at a fraction of the price of an entirely new kitchen. This is a good chance to replace and extend your older worktops with something more durable like granite or, better yet, Gemini Quartz from Skipton Properties. Quartz is an extremely durable material and since it’s not porous like granite it’s much easier to maintain relatively bacteria-free.

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