How To Give Your Home A Facelift Without Breaking The Bank

Once you get onto the property ladder, it’s in your benefit to start the climb. If you have the money, it’s easy to get carried away with home projects, knocking through walls increasing the size of bathrooms and bathtubs but not all of us have unlimited budgets and we will want to invest our money sensibly. One way to attain this would be to be a bit more frugal in your home and be careful on what renovations you choose.

Here we have compiled our best list of home development projects which should have influence on the worth of your house and how much interest there would be if you happened to sell. Lets take a look:-

Ensuring Your House is Energy-Efficient

With gas and electricity bills constantly increasing, a potential buyer will be searching for the most cost effective house in regards to its energy usage. A home full of bad insulation and single glazed windows can put buyers off immediately.

Making sure that your house is well ventilated and puting money into replacing any single panes windows with double glazing if you do not have them already. Loft insulation is also important and there are a few government schemes to get you a good deal, they even have government schemes to replace the boiler if your has seen the best of days. Every one of these alterations to your residence will make sure your house has a top energy effeciency rating, which again will make the home a lot more appealing to new buyers.

Maintain the outside of your house

Keeping ontop of garden maintenance can be a pain, but the value it brings is high. Although weeding a seeding is a weekly chore, keeping the fences or wall maintained can really help potential buyers picture themselves living in your home.

Permanent landscaping is something else one should look at, if they have the money. A good deal of research suggest that a conservatory can get you around 108% yield on investment and could be the very best renovation to boost the value of your house.

If your garage is looking a bit rundown aswell, A brand new garage door can bring a lot to the table. An old rusty garage door often needs maintenance and replacing this can remove a potential headache. Garage doors can be a great talking point on a house, just check out some of the interesting designs for roller doors available at Garador.

Personal Parking Space

One nightmare buyers would rather live without is personal parking. If you have ever been in the situation where you have trouble parking outside your own flat/home then you may understand the frustrations involved. Having to park 5 roads down is no need to live, and you don’t want that constant concern about your car being so far away. So if you have the money and space, you could perhaps make a DIY parking spot infront of your home. One thing to make sure is to check you don’t need planning permission prior to adding access or you will be in for a world of trouble.

So there are a few ideas for increasing the value of your home without breaking the bank, at the end of the day, you only need to spend a small amount to reap the rewards.