How to Clean Granite Worktops

Looking after Granite and maintaining its stunning appearance and characteristics is remarkably easy. With proper care and maintenance, your Granite work surface can, and will last a lifetime.

Follow these basic Granite Worktops Care & Maintenance guidelines to keep the appearance of your Granite Worktops in perfect condition and avoid any damaging effects.

Routine Cleaning

It is highly recommended that you remain vigilant when it comes to cleaning up spillages of common household items such as tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, fruit juice, cooking sauces etc. 

It is far easier to clean up these spills when they happen, before they become dried in and stubborn. To clean, use a damp cloth, and if necessary, a small amount of non-bleach, non-abrasive liquid cleaner.

For more stubborn items use a household vinegar-based cleaner with a non-abrasive cleaning pad. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with paper or cloth towels and for best results, dry in smooth circular motions with a lint-free cloth.

Removal of Dried-in Spills

Some items harden as they dry and become more difficult to remove from your work surface. 

To tackle these kind of spillages, firstly remove any excess with a blunt plastic scraper, then clean the surface with a damp cloth and if necessary a small amount of non-bleach, non-abrasive vinegar-based cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and dry with paper or cloth towels and for best results wipe and dry in smooth circular motions with a lint-free cloth.

Avoiding Oils, Chemicals, Dyes and Solvents

Oils, chemicals, dyes, and solvents can permanently damage Granite. If you do spill any of these types of product on your work surface, blot up IMMEDIATELY and rinse with plenty of clean water, repeating if necessary. Dry with paper or cloth towels and for best results, dry in smooth circular motions with a lint-free cloth.

Avoid using stripping agents, grease removers, caustic soda or products that have a PH value above 10 on Granite. Do not use solvents that contain dichloromethane, chloromethane or methylene chloride.

Please note that oils and dyes capable of staining can be found in common food types such as curries and most popular take-away food. Please do not allow spillages from these types of products to remain on granite work surfaces for any prolonged amount of time.

Hot, Heavy & Sharp Objects

Whilst your work surface will withstand moderate degrees of heat we recommend the use of pan stands where possible. Do not place objects straight from a heat source, directly onto Granite.

When preparing food, we recommend always using a chopping board. Never cut directly onto the work surface and avoid dropping, knocking or rubbing objects on the edges of Granite.

Care Kit

For Granite we recommend the use of our care kit for regular cleaning of the worktop. A Granite Care Kit is added as standard with each order.

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