How Smart Technology Is Changing Our Kitchens

Today we spend a huge amount of time using smart technology, whether it’s our mobile phones, the internet, the TV or our watches. We want everything to be connected, and technology plays such a large part in our lives that it has also entered our homes. In our busy lives, a smart device can help us to manage daily life, leaving us with more free time to do the things we enjoy.

We spend on average 60% of our home time in the kitchen: cooking, eating, socialising and catching up with family, so it is clear to see why smart kitchen appliances are increasingly popular. In fact, the smart kitchenware industry has exploded, and we’re now spoilt for choice. So what kinds of smart technology are available to add to your kitchen worktops?

Worktop Charging

A kitchen can be smartly designed to keep your smart tech neat and tidy and fully charged. The Corian® charging surface offers  ; hidden from view is a transmitter that powers up smartphones, tablets and more, wirelessly. Energy is transferred safely from below the Corian® surface, to a smart device sitting on top of the Corian® worktop– charging stops when your battery is full.

As an Industrial Partner in the Corian® Quality Network, J. Rotherham are committed to the highest quality fabrication of Corian® surfaces and transforming its potential into reality.

Remote Control Cooking

When it comes to the kitchen, what we really want is help with the cooking, right? A smart slow cooker would be a smart addition atop your quartz worktop. Smart slow cookers can be connected to your smart phone, so you can change the temperature, turn it on or off and even check how your dish is doing, without even having to be in the house!

Smart coffee machines are the invention we’ve all been waiting for. What could be better than using your smart phone to make a coffee from the comfort of your bed in the morning? Can you think of a better way to start the day than going downstairs to find a freshly brewed mug of coffee or tea on your kitchen countertop?

Smart Fridge

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, you must have noticed the rise of the Smart Fridge. With touchscreens and light-up see-through doors, these ample, gleaming machines are a highly desirable item for the modern kitchen.

They are not just a novelty gadget; their intelligence has made major improvements on the traditional fridge freezer; They have programs that help keep food fresh, using improved airflow systems to maintain freshness and lower bacteria counts. Vitamin preserving lights keep fruit and veg nutritious and wholesome and freezer draws stay frost free, eliminating the battles of defrosting.

The Hub

All these smart home appliances are brought together into one control centre, called a smart hub. Once most smart home hubs are wired to your router however now, the like of Amazon’s Alexa and Goggle Home work wirelessly as hubs in their own right. Smart hubs have their own app just like each individual smart home device, but rather than just controlling one device, the hub and its dedicated app can unify all smart home devices to one point of control.

The vast number of companies making different smart devices means it can be hard to get them to sync up and achieve the goal of smart-home automation. A smart hub can tie disparate smart tech together to help achieve it.

Whatever smart appliance you choose, make sure your kitchen looks even more impressive by updating your worktops – J Rotherham have a wide range of quartz and granite surfaces to fit your specifications. Find out more here.