Halloween: Gothic Fireplace Designs

Halloween is upon us and is the inspiration for our design theme this week: Gothic.

A Gothic feature can very much dominate and define a space as the centrepiece of the home. A main architectural feature of gothic design that achieves this is of course is the fireplace. An architectural feature of the domestic interior which carries across gothic architecture in its most classical form. As you will see in the examples below, for the ultimate drama, glamour or even grandeur, gothic fireplaces are the perfect finishing touch.

Private Residence 4

Archways are a dominating theme of gothic design, which is why fireplaces were a popular feature within the victorian home.  This unique stone and oak fireplace defines the gothic arch dramatically and fits well in this highly traditional and lavish living space.

If done well, gothic can achieve grandeur and drama even in the most minimal surroundings. Think imposing furniture, expansive windows and heavy ornamentation.

This magnificent creation achieves this idea well with its overbearing size and beautiful decoration, yet it is softened for the living space with the surrounding hues of creams and whites which complement the colour of the stone surround well.

tudor-1 Tudor Fireplace by J.Rotherham

However, gothic styling doesn’t just fit with overly traditional and grand interiors; Take the Tudor fire surround for instance, one of our very own gothic fireplace designs. Without any of heavy ornamentation or colour, this neat little stone fireplace pays homage to the gothic period with its subtle arch design and fits both traditional and modern settings.

Bushman Dreyfus Architects

Gothic doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. This stone fireplace with its delicate detailing and soft tones adds romance and elegance to this master bedroom. In fact, all features of this room marry together perfectly; note the architraves in the ceiling which gives distinctly gothic shape that is further accentuated with the striking centrepiece and other complimenting features. Lighting illuminates the space, creating just the right level of ambience; light fixtures such as chandeliers are in keeping with a gothic themed room.


marloweMarlowe Fireplace by J.Rotherham

A limestone fireplace is one of the best ways to create a gothic appeal in your home. Here at J Rotherham, we know that many designers will want to incorporate this nod to history, which is why we have created a range of styles that reproduce classic designs from this era, yet also offer all the benefits of modern design and manufacturing.

With the largest stockyard of any manufacturer in the UK, here at J. Rotherham we maintain over five thousand slabs of stock, held on site to allow exceptionally fast turnaround across a wide range of popular materials. All of our new and existing fireplace products are:

– Made in Britain and manufactured at the highest quality

– Delivered with extremely short lead times

– Bespoke sizes available

– Comprehensive product support: videos, samples, brochures, online quotation system

– Nationwide delivery directly from J. Rotherham