Great Tips for Purchasing New Shower Enclosures

Deciding on a shower enclosure can take some time and also some research. This piece aims to provide you with the latter to make the purchase easier and more informed.


Determine the space that your bathroom has. One of the main factors when determining the type of shower enclosure your bathroom needs is the amount of available space. If you do not have much space in your bathroom, space can play a large role in determining whether you will use a separate enclosure or an over the bath shower.

Separate enclosures of over the bath showers?

If your bathroom is lacking space, an over the bath shower with a bath screen may be the perfect answer. Fortunately, limited space does not limit your choices, there is a full range of styles and bath screen types available. If space is not an issue, you may want to opt for a separate enclosure.

Mirrored Glass

Mirrored glass shower doors and enclosures can play double duty. Using a mirrored glass shower enclosure provides you with a full-length mirror. In addition to this, the mirror helps reflect light back into the room to create the illusion of a large bathroom.

If you need help or inspiration for your small bathroom, take a look at our helpful hints on how to maximize the efficiency and usability of a small bathroom space on our blog.

Position Choices

If you have a recess or alcove in your bathroom, it can be used to maximize your space. There are several recess and alcove enclosures that can turn any nook into a beautiful shower that enhances the look of the room.

Another option is a corner enclosure. Corner enclosures are no longer tiny little cubes stuck in the corner. Now, you can find corner enclosures with sweeping curves or traditional straight edges to fit into your bathroom decor and style.

If you opt for a centrally located enclosure, you must consider several things, including how many panels you will use and the type of door to be used, such as a bifold door, a sliding door, a hinged door or a pivoting door. However, it is important to note that these same doors can be used on corner or alcove enclosures as well.

Cleaning Your Glass

Consider an easy to clean shower enclosures. Many brands offer easy to clean glass that has been pretreated to help your glass remain clean and prevent water droplet formation. Many customers consider these shower enclosures one of their favorites.


When you are considering a shower enclosure, you need to do some research to prevent spending more money in the future. A shower seal is vital to the preservation of your shower enclosure and your bathroom floor. The AquaSpa line offers magnetic door seals to help prevent water leakage. If your shower enclosure leaks, you can be looking at spending a lot of money on repairs. Save your money and buy the right product the first time to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future.

The Shower Tray

If you will be using a shower tray, take time to research the different brands of shower trays currently available. Remember it does not cost a fortune to purchase a quality shower tray

Easy to Fit enclosures

When you are shopping for a shower enclosure, you must understand that different brands will offer different fixtures and fittings. There are plenty of different shapes, check out these quadrant styles to see what we mean. However, if you can use a drill, you can handle installing most shower enclosures yourself without the aid of an experience plumber.