Gothic Interior Design is not just for Halloween

It’s officially the spookiest time of year! As the evenings become darker and the air becomes colder, we spend more and more time in our homes; therefore it is important that we are happy with the space we live in.

If you’re a fan of all things horror, then a Victorian Gothic inspired home is for you. When we think of the words Victorian and Gothic, we think of ghosts, creepy decrepit houses and attics full of cobwebs and secrets. But, in fact, Victorian Gothic is an architectural movement that dates back to the 1700s. Gothic is all about bold, intricate patterns, and stunning ornate features. It became incredibly popular in the Victorian era and is a feature of many literary Gothic tales of the time.

Today, Gothic architecture is still popular and if you’re lucky enough to own a Victorian property, you can make the most by carrying gothic design through your interior styling. However, the style can easily be recreated in the modern family home too. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate to create or extenuate a Victorian Gothic Home.

1.Decorate your walls in dark colours and patterned wallpaper.

Elegant, dark colours are what the Victorian Gothic is all about. Deep red, green or blue walls with wood panelling will have your home looking like it hasn’t been changed since the 1800s. Why not take your room to the height of Gothic luxury with fabric wallpapers give texture and richness to your Gothic colour scheme.

Images taken from Pinterest

This lush navy velvet wallpaper by Ralph Lauren Home creates a stand-out Gothic statement, adding a 3D velvety texture that makes the intricate pattern pop and compliments this Gothic setting well.

2.Furnish your home with dramatic pieces.

When looking for furniture and ornaments, then the rule is: the more dramatic, the better! Gothic-inspired tables will have curved legs and delicate detail; gold-coloured ornaments will stand out against dark walls.

Image from Pinterest

The Gothic interior design in this transitional living room is beautifully done. A monochrome colour pallet is offset by interesting Victorian pieces such as the large detailed golden mirror and accompanying golden light of the candle arrangement around the fireplace. Artistic gruesome prints in a modern feature wall arrangement, offset the black wall and add to the quirky Gothic theme.

3. A grand fireplace will bring it all together.

One of the most common tropes of Victorian Gothic homes is a huge, stone Gothic fireplace, in styles such as the stone Westwood fireplace or the Harpham fireplace which is decorated with heart shapes. This Gothic fireplace, the Cranswick, looks like it’s stepped out of a ghost story, perfect for Gothic Victorian homes.

The Shakespeare Stone Fireplace, by J. Rotherham

The J. Rotherham stone fireplace collection offer designs that span all the great British architectural periods. This includes a number of Victorian designs like the Shakespeare fire surround pictured above, which is a Gothic arch design that can add a subtle interest to any room.

4. Drape your home with curtains and chandeliers.

When we think of Gothic homes, we think of dark, velvet curtains and extravagant chandeliers – so look for those when adding the finishing touches. Candles are cheap but effective additions to the spooky-factor, and velvet blankets will give your home some rich textures for a grandiose atmosphere.

Images from Pinterest

when selecting a Gothic feature light there is a few sub-styles you can opt for. For a more industrial edge, a wrought Iron chandelier will add a more brutal feature to your Gothic style. Or if your going for a more Victorian luxury, a stand out crystal design will add a warmer and more opulent effect.

Don’t forget to add some antique books, plates and vases, and you’ll have a Victorian Gothic inspired home! We’d love to see any photos of your Victorian Gothic inspired homes, particularly if you have a stone fireplace you’d love to show off. For more information on Gothic fireplaces please take a look at our stone fireplace range.