How to get the right balance of new and vintage in the home

Every year, it seems like the world of design comes up with something fresh and exciting, the likes of which the industry has never seen before. Inevitably though, the futuristic look is not what every homeowner desires.

This is very much dependent on the type of home that someone lives in. If it is an older residence, perhaps originating from the Georgian or Victorian periods, then filling it with chrome and glossy white finish might simply look out of place.

Similarly, a brand new home that is made to look like an imitation of a certain juncture in history could end up looking inauthentic. With that in mind, one of the most prominent trends in the current climate is for a perfect balance of the old and new.

In essence, the best way to really impress visitors is to take the best bits of classic and modern design features and tailor them to the needs of your particular premises. To help you have the best chance of achieving this in your home, here is a run-down of some of the techniques to create the perfect decor.

Don’t be scared to combine period styles

You will often see guides very similar to this one, which tell how to create the perfect Georgian living room for example. These can be infinitely useful if you have a rigid blueprint that you want to stick to, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With our increasingly globalised world and the online community making design trends more and more fragmented, it is perfectly acceptable to create a look that takes influence from a range of different time periods. In fact, in many cases this may be the only way to achieve the excitement and vibrancy that you are after.

This is where individualism takes charge. It is no longer a simple case of following the crowd, have a good think about what will work best for you. Ask a second opinion if needs be, but don’t let anyone tell you what to do. A Georgian style fireplace can work perfectly well in a Victorian house in the 21st Century.

Modern minimalist decor is a canvas to be played around with

The trend for new builds is often that they will be very standardised, especially in blocks of flats, where each residence might be constructed according to a rigid set of specifications. On the face of it, this might seem like a slightly boring an emotionless concept, but it is actually a licence for you to inject your own personality.

This is where a touch of the old really can bring the new to life. You needn’t worry that your flat is a carbon copy of everyone else’s in your building, because those little extras that may have started life as bric-a-brac create a different angle and overall vibe that will set you apart from the rest.

A modern sofa is the perfect compliment to a period fireplace in any living space. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours you can be as conservative or daring as you like. Compliment these with a rug or a plush cushions to get the look you require. If you are tight for space and want to maximise your seating ararngements, go for a corner sofa, which will enable you to accommodate friends and family on those special occasions or cosy evenings!

The bottom line really is that it is important not to become too bogged down with the task of achieving a look that is too defined. Doing this will mean that you could risk pigeonholing the decor in your home, whereas the aim for many in the current day is to set trends rather than follow them.

Keep an open mind to second hand products

Getting hold of a few vintage fixtures and fittings is a fantastic way to add a bit of colour to a modern property. And the best bit? Looking ahead and buying shrewdly means that you can probably achieve this look for mere spare change.

Get into the habit of checking secondhand shops and local flea markets, as a bargain is always just around the corner. It may be that one person’s unwanted former glories could become the centrepiece of a stunning reimagined living room.

The difference between this and purchasing a new product is that it is much less of a formulaic process. Those who really know their stuff will be prepared to trawl auction sites and markets until the what they really want pops up, but ultimately, there are no guarantees.

For some people it is a way of life – as much a hobby as a project to create their ideal home.