Get the look! Top Tips for Art Deco Styling

Art Deco is a complete aesthetic, merging seamlessly from architecture to art. Brimming with glittery, golden, Gatsby connotations, the style celebrates exuberance and escapism.

 Check out our ultimate guide to Art Deco styling in the home. Get the look.

Colourways Uncovered

 The Art Deco vibe champions highly contrasting aesthetics, think black and white chessboard floors, popped with a glint of emerald. Base palettes tend to be dark or muted, humbling the regal aspirations of bold blues and majestic marbles. An atmosphere warmly washed with brass and coppery accessories, subtly elevating the level of lustre.

Insiders Tip: Transitional Art Deco interiors favour rose gold over brass!

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If geometry is never wrong…then Art Deco is definitely the right style for you. Shaping the entire Art movement, patterns, curves and angles are key to Art Deco. Following the rule that fashion should never take precedence over function, acknowledge the trend with a carefully placed console.

 Typically positioned beneath a sputnik style mirror, a hallway console creates an opening statement about your home styling. Choose angular supporting structures to contrast the accessory.

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 Art Deco was intrinsic with the roaring 20s, but the look evolved and extended well beyond the decade. And as trips abroad became commonplace, so did the travel trinkets adorning lounges, hallways and bedrooms. We are of course talking about exotic cattle hides, snake skins…game trophies? However, keen conservationists need not worry! Once unpalatable, fakery is now proving fabulous with a range of faux shagreen, leopard skin throws and zebra print rugs widely available.


 The word itself oozes indulgence! The freedom to sleep during the day, what a privilege? Recline and relax. Obligatory in any setting!

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Transition your Art Deco Style

Aspirations of an Art Deco styled interior are well placed, but don’t get hung up on authenticity. These days we frequently highlight transitional interiors, which gives us carte blanche to mix and match interior genres. Indeed a blend of classic and contemporary styles, accented with an Art Deco geometric edge…is frequently more winning.