The Gemini Mythology range could be the key to your perfect kitchen

When you think of luxury kitchens, one of the first sights that might come to mind is granite and the glossy surfaces that it can provide for worktops when first installed. However, there is another stone that is fast developing into the frontrunner when it comes to creating fixtures and fittings that are aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. The material we are talking about is quartz.

One problem that can arise after selecting a worktop material is that, while it might look like the best option on the day of purchase, over time it might actually be more susceptible to wear and tear. This ultimately means that you will have to shell out on replacement worktops again before it is absolutely necessary.

However, the Gemini Quartz Mythology worktop range from J Rotherham possesses properties that can help overcome this issue. This is something that Commercial Director Matt Rotherham is able to shed more light on.

He explained how t granite – although often thought of as the most popular choice for worktops – is actually more porous than quartz, with micropores as deep as ten millimetres making it vulnerable to spillages and long-term erosion.

Matt said: “The natural composition of those materials are that if you spill something on it, obviously it can very quickly get absorbed into those micropores in the material. Once that’s happened, it permanently stains and damages the material.”

The longevity of quartz

This explains why quartz is becoming more and more popular in kitchens. The very nature of worktops in a cooking area means that they are likely to get wet on a regular basis, as well as suffering from any solid spillages.

The food and drink you prepare in your kitchen will no doubt come in all sorts of colours – a prospect that could compromise worktops.

Mr Rotherham added: “With marble, you can put – for example – a glass of wine on the surface. If there’s any wine on the bottom of the glass and it leaves a ring mark then that can permanently seep into the marble and there’s no solvents you can use to extract that stain out of the material.”

With that in mind, choosing quartz could not only keep your kitchen looking fresh for longer, but also save you a bit of cash in the process. And then there’s the look…

A broad spectrum of styles and colours

Quartz is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. It is actually an incredibly versatile material. It is manufactured by fusing together natural quartz crystal, which makes up around 93 per cent of the stone. However, the rest is then made up of dyes and compounds that mean the customer can effectively design their kitchen according to any colour scheme they like.

J Rotherham’s Gemini Quartz Mythology range offers a revolution in worktop colour schemes. The masonry experts have utlised the properties held by the stone to offer customers a choice of six brand new, unique colours.

These include darker shades – like Pegasus Brown, Ares Grey, Poseidon Black and Atlas Fossil – right the way through to paler options, such as Elysian Grey and Olympus White.

The beauty is that the customer is able to mimic the classic looks of materials like limestone or marble, to the extent that they can even choose their own pattern effect.

Five of the Gemini Quartz Mythology range come with a veined look that makes them indistinguishable from marble to the naked eye. But it is when the practicalities are considered that quartz really comes out on top.

Matt adds that this versatility also applies to the thickness of the worktops included in the range. The slabs used are manufactured to either 15 or 30 millimetres, but an array of downturn sections mean that customers can also choose between a slimmer, classic aesthetic or go for a chunkier, more contemporary approach.

So why not pay J Rotherham a visit and decide what works best for you?