Craftsmanship & Technology

A revival of craftsmanship combined with cutting edge technology

J. Rotherham have trained hundreds of masons over the history of the company, and many of our most reliable and talented team members, having been trained directly by Joe Rotherham Snr, are still with us today after decades of service.

Traditional stone working techniques form an essential process in the creation of each of our fireplace designs.

The use of artistic ability, good design and an excellence of execution is a feature of all our work, whether this is a unique hand carving, measuring the correct proportions, or truing in the moulding details across different pieces of the fireplace.

To achieve the competitive edge that creates the greatest value for our customers, we have maintained an investment in technology that is unique within our industry.

We were the first company in the industry to introduce CNC technology in 1988 and were at the forefront of innovation once again with the first robotic stone working machinery to enter the UK in 2008. This investment in technology, the largest of its kind in the UK, ensures every fireplace is manufactured to exacting standards.

Build features as standard

Edges, lines and surfaces are kept neat and level

Mouldings are well defined and shapes given generous profiles

Signature Stone fireplaces are solid, with generous depths and sizes

Materials have been chosen for their beauty and character

Where appropriate the correct, historically accurate period detailing is used

Material Sourcing

Many fireplaces are imported; they travel thousands of miles to reach the UK, with stone often exported from Europe to China, (to be manufactured) before being transported back to Britain.

J. Rotherham offer a range that consists mostly of British stones and we are British manufacturers, so our fireplaces are environmentally friendly products that are of greater benefit to the British economy.

We have used innovations in manufacturing and greater efficiency throughout the production process to help bring the cost of our fireplaces down without reducing quality standards.

Carbon Footprint Comparison

Step-by-Step Manufacturing Process


The journey of a J. Rotherham fireplace starts with a carefully selected material that not only provides longevity but also a sense of quality and beauty.


Once the stone block has reached our factory, the initial manufacture process of a fireplace starts with the cutting of the raw block.


These pieces then move on to one of our computer controlled bridge saws. Here we cut the stone to the exact sizes required for the individual fireplace pieces.


After this is completed, the stone pieces move on to one of our computer controlled routers, including state-of-the-art robotic machinery. This is where architectural details, such as mouldings and carvings are worked into the stone with extraordinary accuracy.


Every fireplace piece then reaches our team of highly skilled masons. Traditional stone working techniques form an essential process in the creation of each one of our fireplace designs.



After a rigorous quality control procedure, the fireplace is now ready for packing. Stone can be fragile to transport, so we have to take great care in how we can protect the pieces for the fireplaces journey to your home.


Our dedicated 2 man delivery team will deliver the fireplace direct to your home and offload into a room of your choice. If you are having our Installation Service then one of our professionally certified installation teams will take great care to ensure the fireplace is safely and accurately installed.

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