J. Rotherham Delivery Only Service

Your J. Rotherham Fireplace is made to order by expert craftsmen. For it to be the perfect fit and finish for your home, you’ll play a very important role in the process from the moment you confirm your order to the final delivery of your fireplace. To help you understand what is involved and where and when we need your input, here is a guide to how we make and deliver a J. Rotherham Fireplace.

Order Confirmation

Design your Fireplace

Once you have selected a fireplace design, you will be guided through the process of selecting all the component options you require with your fireplace such as surround, hearth and appliance options. When your fireplace design is complete, your quote summary will be generated for you to review. A J. Rotherham Fireplace is manufactured to specific dimensions according to the order placed; please ensure you review your quote summary to assess whether the fireplace dimensions are correct for your home. You should contact a member of our team if there are any issues.

Production and Lead Times

Once your order is complete, and confirmed by you, your fireplace will be sent into production. No alterations can be made to your order beyond this point.

Delivery Booking

Once you have completed your design and confirmed your order, you will be asked to book your delivery date. You will then receive both confirmation of your order payment and your requested delivery appointment from J. Rotherham. Please note: we will do our best to accommodate your preferred delivery date but this can be subject to unexpected changes in lead times. In the unlikely event of a delay we will contact you to change your delivery date.

Confirm or Change

Two days before your delivery date, we’ll contact you to make sure you are ready for your appointment. The day before your appointment we will be in contact to let you know what time our representative will be with you. Please ensure you or a representative are present for the delivery of your fireplace. To avoid cancellation charges, please notify us at least 1 day before your appointment if you are unavailable.

Lead Times

A J. Rotherham fireplace typically takes up to six weeks to manufacture however, this can vary depending on complexity of design and volume of orders. You will be advised of an accurate lead time on placing your order.

All fireplaces arrive on a pallet with all components packed separately, ready to be assembled onsite.


By selecting our delivery only service, J. Rotherham is relinquished of any survey or installation work. Your fireplace will be delivered on a pallet and left in a designated safe area. It is your responsibility to source a fireplace fitter or builder to unpackage, assemble and install your fireplace.

We need you

You or your representative must be present throughout delivery. During this period, and for safety’s sake, we suggest you make the area a no-go-zone for everyone except for yourself and our team.

Be Prepared

To carry out the delivery successfully, we need you to clear a safe and appropriate area to store your fireplace pallet. Please move any surrounding furniture, ornaments and crockery for easy access. Pets and children need to be kept safely out of the way. Please protect your flooring and remove all breakables and valuables from access routes and the destination itself.

Check your Order

Please check your final order documentation prior to your installation appointment. This is to make sure that your order – including material, appliance, and finish options is correct. Please note that if anything is not on the order, it isn’t included in the delivery or the price.

Parking Permits

Our delivery team will need to be able to park as close as possible to the entrance of your home – so please make a space on your drive, reserve a place on the street, or get a permit if one is needed.

Health and Safety

Stone fireplaces are large, inflexible and heavy objects that need careful handling. Health and safety is a priority and to ensure that our teams can do the best job, the access route from our delivery
vehicle to your fireplace storage area must be clear. Please also make sure that there is adequate lighting onroute to the destination.

Replacement Service

Although we take the maximum care, limestone and granite can break during transportation and delivery. This is a rare event and if this happens we will replace or repair the component as soon as possible with no cost to you.

Stone Colour

To manufacture your fireplace, we use water based saws and it is likely that the stone of your new surround will still be wet when it is installed; as your fireplace dries out, the stone could alter in colour and shade. For thick section stone (pieces over 40mm thick) it can take six weeks for the stone to fully dry. For thin section stone (pieces less than 30mm thick) it can take four weeks for
the stone to fully dry.

Sign off and Aftercare

Order Check

Your delivery representative will walk you through the delivery process and ask you to check your end product against the agreed order and survey documentation to ensure you are happy.

If you are not happy with something, this is the time to let us know. If you have any issues, please do not use your fireplace until they are resolved.

Final Paperwork

Your J. Rotherham representative will take photographs of the delivered fireplace and will ask you to sign the completion paperwork. By signing the paperwork, you are confirming that the  fireplace has been delivered successfully and you are happy with the work carried out. We will also ask you to complete our customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Caring for your fireplace

A Stone fireplace is not something you replace often and we want you to enjoy it for many years to come. Your installation team will explain how to best care for your fireplace and will leave you with a fireplace care kit. You can find more care and maintenance information in the material pages of this brochure.

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