The J.R Monogram on our Stone Fireplaces











Look carefully and you will find the J.R monogram hand-engraved discreetly into the right hand jamb of our Signature Collection British Stone fireplaces. This is the distinct symbol of everything we’re proud of as a family business: our rich family heritage, the pure skill of our craftsmanship and the sheer beauty of our stone products.

We’ve evolved and grown tremendously over the decades: a one-man band over one hundred years ago has become a 17 acre factory with over one hundred staff, but these values – those encapsulated by this simple emblem – have never altered and will never change. In honour of our founding fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, the J.R monogram is hand-carved in the traditional hand cut lettering style that Henry and Joseph Rotherham Senior would have customarily used in their work.

Pride in our finished product is a perennial value of ours that reaches right back to our Victorian beginnings. Generations before our monogram came into being, one Henry Rotherham was a jobbing stonemason who carried out commissions for churches and cathedrals all over South Yorkshire in the late nineteenth century. His ‘calling card’ was simple, based on the strength of his reputation and the quality of his finished work. Indeed, the success and growth of this family business relied solely on word-of-mouth recommendations at the very beginning.

It wasn’t until Henry’s son Joseph Rotherham Senior was apprenticed to Henry and later set up his own stonemasonry yard that J. Rotherham became something of a family business. A familiar figure in the little town of Market Weighton, Joseph Senior worked chiefly on headstones and architectural carvings for some fifty years after he returned from WWII.

The most significant legacy Joseph Rotherham Senior passed forward was his meticulous eye for detail and unparalleled knowledge of stonemasonry. His son, Joseph Junior, was the one who would later drive the business forward and set the wheels in motion for the multi-faceted company of international renown that we are today.

Thanks to the use of innovative and cutting-edge technology today, we’re always making progress – in the efficiency of our productions times, the breadth of our range and the precision of our work. Devoted as we always will be to the values, the passion and the sheer skill of our stonemason ancestors, the J. Rotherham monogram is that constant reminder of our roots – a fixed point and a mark of distinction – as we constantly strive to deliver our customers more.

It was actually very recently, in 2010, that the J. R monogram became a permanent fixture on our British Stone fireplaces, created by lead designer Jamie Rotherham. In a constantly progressing marketplace where media and technology become ever more imperative in business, the monogram serves as a perpetual symbol of our rich family heritage as we continue to take these great leaps forward together.

This monogram is a reminder that, above all else, we are a business whose success is firmly based on quality craftsmanship, beautiful stonework and the traditional skills of our ancestors.

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