Portland Stone

Quarried from the Isle of Portland in Dorset, this Jurassic stone has a worldwide reputation as one of the most prestigious building materials and is arguably Britain’s most famous stone.

Architects and designers have chosen Portland Stone for over a thousand years and it was used most notably to build the Tower of London in 1349 and Buckingham Palace in 1854. In terms of fireplace design, Portland Stone is a very popular material choice thanks to its attractive cream white colouring.

Whilst it is the most consistent of our British Limestones, Portland can contain small grey shell fragments throughout. The shell fragments are normally evenly distributed across the stone, but there are concentrations of shells in some stones that can give a mottled appearance as it dries out following manufacture.

As the limestone we use to manufacture our fireplaces is quarried from the Jordan basebed, it remains the cleanest Portland Stone currently being produced.

It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a clean, clinical and British material for your fireplace as there are less natural markings, fossils and veins than other British materials such as Ancaster Hard White, Creeton and Bathstone.

Portland Stone also has a very tight texture which means that it also takes a relatively crisp carving. This means it is suitable for most architectural detailing, fine carvings and a perfect choice for one of our more intricate fireplace designs.

We endeavour to cut all fireplace components from the same block of limestone where possible however like all natural stones, Portland is subject to variations in veining, pattern and colour, sometimes even within the same batch.

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Origin: Dorset, UK

Creeton Hard White

Origin: Lincolnshire, UK


Origin: Lincolnshire, UK



Origin: Somerset, UK


Origin: Turkey

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