Fireplace Materials

J. Rotherham are one of the oldest and most respected stone masonry companies in Britain and have been manufacturing stone fireplaces for generations in the heart of Yorkshire.

Over time we have developed a reputation for uncompromising quality standards and stunning fireplaces made from the best materials that nature has to offer.

To ensure we produce the best quality product and service for our customers, we maintain strong relationships with our stone suppliers across the UK and overseas. Years of experience mean our team can spot the best quality material which will go on to make the best quality fireplaces, creating a beautiful focal point in your home for years to come.

With the J. Rotherham fireplaces collections, we have selected a range of indigenous British and international Limestones chosen for their aesthetic beauty and structural performance; they each hold a sense of quality and attractiveness that something artificial could never match.

Carbon Footprint Comparison

Average distance from UK Stone quarry to JR Factory = 180 miles

Average distance of Turkish Limestone fireplace made in China to UK= 18,420 miles

Fireplace Materials


Origin: Dorset, UK

Creeton Hard White

Origin: Lincolnshire, UK


Origin: Lincolnshire, UK


Origin: Somerset, UK


Origin: Turkey

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