Fireplaces & reclaimed wooden furniture – How to style your living room

The seasons seem to change in the blink of an eye, but once autumn arrives, we begin to think about how we can turn our home into a comfortable and inviting place where we can hunker down until spring arrives. There really is nothing better than arriving home on a cold evening and being welcomed by a beautiful fireplace and furniture that makes you feel like you are where you belong.

Regardless of whether a fireplace, real or artificial, the warm glow and ambience, creates an atmosphere that is warm and appealing. To add to the charm of the fireplace, the right furniture will also turn the living room into a haven of serenity and tranquillity.

Starting with fireplaces, there are many to choose from. Electric is simple and clean and easy to control, and they are practical for many reasons. They do not give off any smoke making them the perfect choice for those who want the feeling of a fire with minimal effort.

A wood burning stove is perfect for those who want to add a traditional feel to their home but with very little mess. They perform well and offer exceptional fuel efficiency when it comes to heating the home. There are many options available that range from traditional cast iron to contemporary and everything in between.

There is also the open fire which has stood the test of time and can be fuelled by coal or wood. An open fire is aesthetically pleasing, the aroma invokes your senses, and it can certainly help you to keep warm during the colder months.

So, if you are thinking of styling your living room with the right fireplace and reclaimed wooden furniture, then you have to marry the two together so that they complement each other in the right way.

Going for the Country Look

The country look is classic and timeless. What could be better than styling your living room using a wood-burning stove as well the right colours.

The country look is often enhanced with cream colours which adds to the look of the fire and really brings out the colours of a roaring fire. To enhance the look of the room, introducing a reclaimed wooden bookcase will create a traditional yet quirky feel. Alongside this, the addition of a rustic looking sideboard will provide a space to arrange ornamental items with the cupboard being useful for storing other items. Add in some cosy blankets and cushions and the room is ready to help you tackle the winter months ahead.

A Traditional Look with a Modern Feel

Mixing old and new works exceptionally well when it comes to the living room. If your living room is large and spacious then you could install a double sided wood burner. The wood burner will deliver a traditional look that will give your living room an element of charm and character. The look and feel of a large wood burner will make your living room feel stately and grand but this can also be enhanced by introducing a beautifully designed piece of reclaimed wooden furniture. Opt for a coffee table made from reclaimed pine to give your living room a centrepiece that will be the envy of friends and family.

Its earthy tones and light appearance will give the room a more spacious feel ensuring that it remains well balanced between modern and traditional.

However, to finish off the look and feel of the room, a chic-looking reclaimed wooden bookcase with a steel outer casing will bring with it an eye-catching look that is enhanced by its practicality and almost industrial appearance.

A Modern Fire Place with a Neutral Look

Electric fireplaces are perfect for those who perhaps live in a modern property but want the charm and ambience that a fireplace offers. However, a modern fireplace does not mean that the living room has to be outlandishly modern because neutral tones can bring it back to earth in a subtle yet appealing way. Electric fireplaces are perfect for giving an authentic look without the hassle of a real fireplace.

In order to add to the neutral look, introducing a hand painted, reclaimed wooden sideboard that has a natural wood top and a contrasting base will give your living room an incredible look. An antic chest will introduce an unusual yet intriguing twist to the room while it also provides perfect storage for those who might be lacking in space. Introduce colours such as biscuit and mocha and let the room become a haven comfort and relaxation.

Large Open Fireplace and a French Theme

If you live in a cottage or a quaint home with character, you could really benefit from having a large open fireplace. Here you can introduce a wood burning stove that is almost engulfed by the fireplace itself.

What this creates is an element of space, but it also makes the fireplace the focal point of the room. It can help to create an atmosphere in the room but also deliver a look of indulgence which is ideal for those who are familiar with cottage living.

The rustic appearance can be complemented by a reclaimed pine sofa that has a colonial and ornate appearance while a reclaimed wooden side table will offer a certain level of practicality.

Minimalistic Look

For those who opt for a minimalistic look, an electric fireplace that comes with smart modern lines can have a real impact that gives the room a certain edge. A sleek looking fireplace will still bring with it the feeling of a high-standard of living but without the fuss. The feel of the room can be improved through the introduction of a modern-style reclaimed wooden coffee table that offers practicality but will instantly become the main piece of furniture in the room.

A fireplace can simply finish off a room and bring it all together in a neat and efficient way. The kind of fireplace you choose is down to your personal preference but also the type of look you want to achieve. All of this can be enhanced by selecting the right reclaimed wooden furniture that complements the style you are attempting to achieve. Visit for excellent range of reclaimed wooden furniture.