Fireplace Delivery/Install FAQ

What services do you offer for having my Fireplace installed?

J. Rotherham offer two distinct services when it comes to having your Fireplace installed. and it is up to you to decide which method is right for you.

  1. Fully comprehensive Home Survey, Delivery and Installation Service

– Fireplaces installed with an Electric Fire / Stove : available nationwide mainland UK postcodes

– Fireplaces installed with a Gas or Solid Fuel Fire / Stove: available in select mainland UK postcodes

Delivery Only Service

– Available nationwide mainland UK postcodes

I have no idea what Fire or Fireplace I may be able to have in my home, can you help?

It is possible that we can provide information on the type of Fire and Fireplace options available to you by sending us Photographs of the room including walls and floor where the Fireplace will be situated. For Gas or Solid Fuel Fires / Stoves, we also require pictures of your Builders Opening, external walls and flue.

Electric Fire: Wall and Floor Only

– For Electric Fires / Stoves, we may decide that we have sufficient information from the photography to act as the Home Survey and move straight to Delivery and Installation.

Gas or Solid Fuel Fire / Stove: Wall, Floor, Builders Opening, Flue, External Wall

– For Gas or Solid  Fires / Stoves, we will always conduct a Home Survey to confirm details prior to manufacture and delivery of your Fire and Fireplace.

Do I need to have a Home Survey before my Fireplace installation?

Before carrying out the Installation of your Fireplace, it is important to undertake a Home Survey. Not all Fires / Stoves are compatible with all Flue and Chimney types so we can establish if there may be a potential issue with your chosen Fire. It is also important for a professional Fireplace Installer to check the structural integrity of the walls, floor and Builders Opening (where applicable). The Home Survey takes any risk or uncertainty out of purchasing and installing your new J. Rotherham Fireplace.

If you are purchasing your J. Rotherham Fireplace as Delivery Only, we strongly suggest that you arrange a Home Survey prior to buying your Fireplace.

For Fireplaces with Electric Fires it may be possible to confirm the Home Survey requirements through photography. Please contact us if you would like more information on this service.

Do I need my Chimney / Flue sweeping prior to Installation?

For Gas or Solid Fuel Fires we strongly recommend having your chimney or flue swept prior to Installation. Where you are switching from Solid Fuel to Gas it is a legal requirement to have your chimney or flue swept. For more information and to find a local chimney sweep, please visit the National Association of Chimney Sweeps website

What are the benefits of using the J. Rotherham Fireplace Home Survey and Installation Service?

We provide an installation service to allow you the choice to have one company responsible for the delivery and installation of your chosen Fireplace. We see the principle benefits as follows:

– Guaranteed correct quality of installation – as we are responsible for the successful installation of your Fireplace and Fire / Stove there can be no argument between a Fireplace supply company and separate installation company if there is believed to be a fault.

– Professional, personable installation teams – all teams are trained at J. Rotherham HQ by our own in-house specialist training team. We have over 30 installation teams working for the company, the most of any stonemasonry company in the UK. All our installation teams are regularly checked for quality control purposes.

– Price – we believe that we are as competitive as any individual Fireplace Installation companies on a like-for-like quality basis.

– Hassle Free – when you buy from J. Rotherham, your order is processed through our bespoke customer journey system, ensuring that we communicate with you at each stage of your order so that you have the smoothest and most enjoyable experience.

Alternatives to the J. Rotherham Installation service

HETAS Engineers for Solid Fuel Fireplaces

HETAS is the official body recognised by government to Approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. Its work in Approving products covers boilers, cookers, open fires and stoves and room-heaters. HETAS collaborates with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS).

Visit the HETAS website

Gas Safe register for Gas Fireplaces

If you are having gas work done in your home you should use a Gas Safe registered engineer. The Gas Safe Register is the national watchdog for gas saftey in the UK. Incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained gas appliances are a major cause of lethal carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, and can also lead to gas leaks and explosions. To carry out work on gas installations and appliances safely and legally, engineers in Great Britain and the Isle of Man must be on the Gas Safe Register.

Visit the Gas Safe Register website

Delivery Only Service

All J. Rotherham Fireplaces are delivered by our dedicated 2 man delivery service. Fireplaces and Fire appliances are delivered direct from our manufacturing facility in Yorkshire. We will deliver and offload your Fireplace and Fire / Stove into the room of your choice.

Stone Fireplaces are heavy objects that require specialist lifting requirements to conform to current Health and Safety standards. This is why we will never ask you to help off load a Fireplace or Fire appliance and why we always have a 2 man delivery service.

Prior to taking delivery please read the following:

– Most of our Fireplaces are transported on a 10 tonne vehicle – about the size of a fire engine. If you believe there will be any problems in reaching your home due to lane restrictions, steep drives or non-level access, non-hardscaped entrances such as muddy paths, height restrictions etc please contact us beforehand, otherwise we may have to abort the delivery.

– If you would like to take your delivery on the 2nd floor or above and do not have lift access please notify us prior to delivery.

– Please ensure that a suitable area has been cleared and prepared for your delivery. Typically we require at least 2m2 of floor space.

– Fireplaces are typically delivered on wooden crates which will rest directly on the floor. We recommend protecting wood, tile or stone floors with carpet or a specialist heavy duty protective layer such as Builders Board or Correx. We can supply a protective layer where required free of charge, please contact us prior to delivery to arrange this service.

– We request that you or a designated representative is present during the delivery stage, so that you can check satisfactory receipt of the goods.

Please see our Customer Journey for further information on Delivery Lead Times and communication in the Delivery of your Fireplace.

Delivery of your Fireplace when using the J. Rotherham Installation Service

Delivery of your Fireplace follows exactly the same process as the Delivery Only service. Your Fireplace will be delivered to your address shortly prior to the Installation date, typically 1-2 days beforehand.

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