The Taurus: Authenticated Style and Quality

The Taurus is a fire surround from our new Contemporary Collection; a true example of modern fireplace design with authenticated style and quality.

Inspired by Victorian heritage and engineering, the Taurus is artistically framed with steel bolt studding to create a modern aesthetic which nods to the architectural influences of the Victorian era.

Creating an impressive and dramatic focal point, Taurus is manufactured from Neolith; a sintered stone which guarantees a high quality surface without the interruption of seams and joints.

One of the many impressive features of The Contemporary Collection is the material choices offered as part of the designs.

J. Rotherham stocks over 5000 slabs of natural and composite stone which means that the Taurus, along with other contemporary designs, can be crafted from this extensive selection of materials which include marble, stone and revolutionary new sintered stone choices.

With the largest stockyard of any manufacturer in the UK, here at J. Rotherham we maintain over five thousand slabs of stock, held on site to allow exceptionally fast turnaround across a wide range of popular materials. All of our new and existing fireplace products are:

  • Made in Britain and manufactured at the highest quality
  • Delivered with extremely short lead times
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Comprehensive product support: videos, samples, brochures, online quotation system
  • Nationwide delivery directly from J. Rotherham

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