Why not everyone takes the minimalist approach when it come to fireplaces

The fireplace market is one that is thriving in the modern world, with many homeowners wanting to get a look that is classic and timeless. A fireplace can provide the centrepiece of a room or help reinforce the atmosphere that is created by period-themed decor. However, in the homes of the rich and famous, there are some fireplaces that take on another role entirely. Some of the modern fireplaces currently on the market come with interesting extras that would never have been possible in the early days. What’s more, the most extravagant come at a price that would make some wince. However, that does not stop those with the spending power indulging in these examples of hi-tech, lavish and – in some cases – downright ridiculous manufacturing.

The multimedia fireplace

This is unlikely to be comparable to anything you have seen before. Not only is this a fully functioning electric fireplace, but it also includes an LCD television, Bose sound system with extra bass and a DVD player. This addresses the argument of many who say the modern world sees the television as more a focal point in living room than a fireplace. In this instance, they are one and the same thing. Let’s face it, this could be seen as more of a way of flaunting wealth than decorating a home – especially given that it comes with a price tag just shy of £20,000.


Justen Ladda’s Swarovski Crystal Fireplace

High end designer Justen Ladda has come out with not just one, but a range of fireplaces that bring the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle to a living room. You would probably have to have quite loud tastes already in your home for this to fit in, but for those with a penchant for the bling, you could add a fireplace bordered with Swarovski crystals to your living room. This could be one way to wow visitors and really set the atmosphere in your home alight, but having such a striking fixture in your home could prove quite a commitment – not least when we consider that one of Ladda’s designs will set you back £12,500. [responsive]justed-ladda[/responsive]

The Carillon Fireball

This one is for any keen astronomers among us, as the Carillon Fireball creates an impression that burns as bright as the sun itself. This fireplace is encase in a large ceramic sphere, giving it its planetary properties. But rather than being fixed like most other fireplaces, this one is suspended from the top of the room, allowing the ambience of your home to rise high for all to see. It can also be rotated up to 90 degrees depending on the requirements of the user, meaning you can choose which area of the room needs heating most directly. This model is a little less expensive at £4,300.


Quadro Gold Fireplace

Perhaps the ultimate display of extravagance, this gold plated fireplace screams ‘look at me’ – the ideal addition if you want guests to be transfixed on your fireplace (maybe at the expense of any decent conversation) and will certainly make an immediate impression. And just for the privilege, you can expect to be paying a price of £2,800. But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way…


The best of both worlds with J Rotherham

J Rotherham has been producing fireplaces that are aesthetically stunning and affordable for the best part of a century. These designs focus on the classic and the timeless, as opposed to gimmicks or gadgets, meaning that you needn’t have a living room that looks spaceage, when all you want is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. So why not check out the great range of fireplaces offered by J Rotherham now.