Designjunction to land in London this week

For those who work – or even just have an extra-curricular interest – in interior design, London Design Festival is one of the biggest events on earth.

Every year, the capital plays host to a huge range of events that pop up all over the city to give visitors a unique insight into some of the industry’s best brains and the inspiration that makes them tick.

What’s more, there is even a chance to clap eyes on the upcoming trends in design and get your hands on a few exclusives before they will be available to the mainstream.

From this Thursday (September 18th), one of the more recent additions to the festival’s lineup will return for a fourth occasion. Designjunction was created with the intention of opening the minds of the design industry and dispelling some of the unfounded divisions that have been constructed between different sections of it.

The power of commercialisation

One of the these divisions that undoubtedly still exists to a great extent is the trade-off between being organically creative – regardless of cost and perceived interest from a wider audience – and designing according to a purely commercial motive.

With the rise of chains like Ikea and Clas Ohlson came a new kind of mass-produced interior design that meant consumers could rebrand their home and keep up to date with an emulation of cutting edge fashion at a knock-down price.

On the other hand though, the purists argue this brings nothing innovative to the playing field, simply plagiarising and regurgitating the efforts of top designers with the intention of piling high and selling cheap.

Bridging the gap

The premise of Designjunction is to highlight the vast world that exists between these two extremes. In reality, 99.9 per cent of design pieces sit somewhere on a sliding scale of creativity and commercial objective. After all, no professional designer would be in the game if they did not make money from their ideas.

Even the venue fits this vibe, with Designjuntion taking over a site which was a huge London sorting office during the 1960s. However, this very functional space will be packed out over three floors with showcases, exhibitions, films, talks and live demonstrations of many of the design trends that will go from obscurity to mass public consciousness during 2015.

Since its inception three years ago, the event has gone from strength-to-strength. Last time out the exhibiting of products by more than 150 brands brought in 21,000 visitors and Designjunction has also been exported to other leading locations in design and fashion including Milan and New York.

The 2014 programme

Over the four days of the showcase, there will be a full lineup of seminars, where visitors can listen to the views and thought processes of the likes of Alberto Alessi, Nigel Coates, Tricia Guild and Jack Dyson to name just a few.

They will be discussing everything from the rise of technology, the science of conceptualising ideas into concrete output and the mainstream’s obsession with reflecting their most fond moments from the past.

Meanwhile, on the bottom of the three floors that Designjunction will take over, the Flash Factory will be back. This is a mecca for anyone wanting to further explore the technical and mechanical processes that allow dreams to become reality.

A series of interactive films and graphics will be available for attendees to not only study, but try out for themselves.

Exploring the more artistic side of the event, the upper floors of the venue will play host to a number of installations that take their inspiration from contemporary design in the home.

This really is an event as inclusive as they come, encouraging lovers of interior design from all over the spectrum to come together for four days and experience the best of what London Design Week has to offer.

To register and get your hands on an advance ticket for just £8, simply head here