Design Trends Survey predicts what’s hot in kitchens for 2014

While it's important to think about your individual tastes and requirements when carrying out home makeovers, it's also fun to take a look at some of the biggest trends to help inspire you.

That's why we thought we'd take a look at the annual Design Trends Survey, which was released this week at the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

Although this is a US-based organisation, it's fair to say that American ideas usually make their way across to the UK, so we're also likely to be seeing some of these phenomena very soon.

The most interesting thing to note was that contemporary is a key theme for kitchens this year, with clean lines and minimalism being chosen more often than rustic, cosy looks.

Perhaps as a direct result of this, grey was predicted to be the fastest-growing colour scheme for this room, knocking white off the top spot.

Meanwhile, the NKBA professionals said they expect consumers to be seeking out wood flooring, polished chrome taps, glass backsplashes and quartz worktops to help them get the look they want.

The desire for gadgetry is also showing no sign of abating, with more than two-thirds of kitchen design professionals saying they are incorporating docking and charging stations into kitchen plans at the request of their customers, as well as touch-activated taps.

It's perhaps not surprising that quartz is making a comeback for work surfaces, as people want to spend their money on something that will stand the test of time. Last year, Consumer Reports singled the material out for recommendation, pointing out that it can fend off stains, cuts and heat, isn't overly expensive and comes in lots of colours.

We have an array of granite worktops at J Rotherham, including the beautiful Gemini Quartz with its striking modern quality. Its colour consistency is better than any other natural stone – and it even comes in white if you want to tick off two trends in one.