Design Inspiration: Warm up your home for winter

Applying trendy interior planning ideas from season to season is a viable option for keeping your house interior up-to-date. House decor which looks trendy and classy throughout the summer season is probably not as appropriate as it begins to get colder.

Thinking along these lines of updating your house interior for the approaching winter months? Here are some inspiration tips and concepts for creating that stylishly warm edge to your home.

1. Winter Colours

Don’t be afraid of dark walls, you will be surprised at how successful they can be used in the right characteristics of a room. We love the rich colour pallets by Design Seeds- proof that dark colours can be beautifully rich and inviting.

winter colours

It may sound obvious but choosing warmer/darker colour tones will help develop that inviting snug aspect to your interior planning. Use warm and wealthy colours like Brown, red-coloured, beige, golden, dark green, burgundy and ochre for upholsteries, mattress sheets, pillow covers, and curtains along with other textiles.

2. The soft touch

Carpeting is a great method for warming up your living space. Even if you’re more of a hard floor type, a soft, plush rug on wooden or hard floor will certainly produce a cosy and warmer feel in your house.


In addition, the installation of some form of carpeting can not only be visually appealing but good for insulating your living space too. There is nothing better than the softest of plush rugs in front of a crackling fire, warmed by the flicking flames- a whole new level of nostalgia.

3. Lighting

Another trendy method to improve and help your interior planning specifically for the cold months is to alter the lighting system. Replace your overall lights with tungsten lights which will warm your room and give a summer time touch throughout winter.


Small light candle lights and lamps may also be used to make a cozy and warm atmosphere. Wax lights and lamps of red-colored or orange shades will give that obvious warm glow.

4. The Fireplace: the ultimate winter warmer

That gentle nostalgia of drinking coco by the fire; the ultimate addition when getting your home ready for winter is the installation of a fireplace.  If your fireplace is inactive, fill it with an array of alternate size candles for that warm wintery glow.

The initial installation of a fireplace may seem costly at the time, but in the long-term it is a valuable investment that will help you save for many a winter season to come.  This is because a fire place can aid as an economically friendly option for your home in comparison with other heating systems.

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