How To Decorate Your Dream Home

Want to decorate your home to make it more attractive and also to raise it’s worth – here are some great tips.

Solidify The Color Scheme

Your home needs to have color.  You will find that your home will be more inviting and more satisfying when it has colors even if it is your favorite neutral colors with a splash of primary colors here and there.  This is why you need to determine a color scheme before you start painting.  When creating the color scheme, you need to choose one or two colors which will be used throughout the entire house.  You can also pick certain colors for certain rooms.

When you choose the colors, you need to consider tones that you like instead of simply using the default colors offered by the hardware stores.  The colors scheme should be a tattoo of the colors that you love.

Resize And Unify The Room With Colors

Painting the walls of your house is the most cost-effective and visually effective way of decorating your home.  Painting allows you to make a powerful decorating statement whether you are painting the entire room or simply highlighting a certain wall.  Another benefit of painting a room is that you can resize the room without any construction work.

A light colored wall will make your room look larger while more saturated colors can create depth.  If you paint the whole room in a single color, you will be able to visually expand the room.  However, if you take an oversized room and use different shades it can create a sense of coziness.  The use of color can transform your home and you need to take advantage of this when you decorate.

Define The Space With Fitting Furniture

If you want to make your house a home you should look at fitting three-quarters of a room with colors, textures and objects.  When you treat your house like a home instead of a museum or a staged area, your family will feel that they can relax and take a break in the space.  Of course, you will need to take care to not overcrowd the room with objects.  You should also avoid underutilizing the rooms.

Furniture can be used to create the right spacing in the room.  It is important that you determine the correct balance between filled spaces and empty spaces.  It is best to experiment with the placement of your furniture to create the room flow that you want.  You do not want to have your family moving through a maze of furniture or feeling like they cannot do anything in the house.

Display Your Personality And Prioritize Comfort

It is natural for tastes to develop and mature over time which is one of the reasons why your home will come together over time.  To ensure that you get your personality through, you should avoid buying all of your furniture from a single store.  Your personality and style will be unique and you will generally not find everything that you really want in a single store.

You should also ensure that you do not rush your home decorating.  You need to take the time to find furniture that will be comfortable and that you will cherish.  Comfort is actually the most important aspect of decorating your home and you need to keep this in mind.

Balance Colors With Existing Accessories

If you are struggling to create the perfect blend of color in your home, you need to look at accessories.  Lamps, rugs, pillows, pictures and other items in your home do not have to match to balance the colors.  However, you can coordinate them to help you achieve the balance that you need.  If you’re looking for ideas you can check out this handy guide on how to choose a rug.

A design formula that you should use when combining different colors is 60-30-10.  This formula means that one color should fill 60% of the room generally through the paint and a secondary color should fill 30% of the room.  Feature color pops should only make up 10% of the room.  When you follow these percentages, you will be able to keep the color scheme consistent and avoid any jarring effects.

Mix Textures And Plan With Different Patterns

There is only so much furniture that can be placed in a room, but you should look at incorporating various textures into the space.  The best way to do this without cluttering the room is through using fabrics such as metal, wood, crystals and furniture.  Patterns are also important to create a good visual in the room.

Patterns can be introduced to the room through the use of smaller items.  These will include curtains, chairs and pillows.  Larger items such as tables and sofas should not be used to introduce patterns.  These items should be in neutral shades instead of patterns.

Using Lighting To Adjust Dimensions

You can create a warm glow in the room by using various light courses.  It is better to have this warm lighting instead of harsh lighting by using scones, art lamps and floor lamps.  If you are decorating a room that has a workspace such as the bathroom and the kitchen, you need to focus on having proper lighting.

Many people do not realize that lighting can also be used to resize a space.  When you place a lot of small light sources around a room, you can make it appear more intimate.  Having a brighter overhead light will make the room appear larger.