How the construction industry effects manufacturing

When it comes to planning a new home, there are always a host of considerations that must be thought about very carefully. If the home you are moving into is very different from your old one, it is likely some of the fixtures and fittings will no longer be suitable.

This is as much a result of the current state of the construction industry as anything else. The trend for flats and smaller homes that came to prominence over the latter part of the last century means that new residencies are often a lot more standardised than used to be the case.

In many respects, this makes things more simple. The process of building a home, selling it and then kitting it out with the right kinds of fixtures can be done easily and quickly, as a kind of routine given that the dimensions are predetermined.

However, this means that when it comes to looking for features like kitchen accessories, dining room chairs and tables, living room suites or fireplaces, your choice could seem like it is somewhat restricted because of the rigid dimensions that exist in the home.

But a look at the wider picture and the techniques that are used by manufacturers to adhere to the likely dimensions of modern homes show that there is still a massive amount out there that can add colour and personality to a newly-built flat, without having to settle for a look that blends in with the crowd.

Embracing the best bits of the past

If we use the latter example of fireplaces, this is all too evident. Some of the most popular styles are based on certain time periods – such as Georgian or Victorian – that create a classic feel with all the practicalities of the modern world.

Manufacturers use certain patterns or materials to achieve this vibe, but incorporate modern production techniques and newly formulated materials to give the customer the best of both worlds. This can also be done in line with the constraints that come from the standardised dimensions of construction, while the efficiencies involved can also provide this at an affordable price.

Taking a look at the array of fireplaces offered by J Rotherham will demonstrate this, as the firm is dedicated to producing timeless looks that are practically suited to the modern home.

Greater durability through modern production

Not only can you save time and effort by kitting your home out with fixtures that use cutting edge production techniques, but you might also find they last longer.

The stresses of modern life are such that some features of your home will inevitably become worn and damaged over time. But some of the developments that have emerged in recent years mean that this can now be put off as long as possible.

When construction firms build new homes, they use materials that are more durable than ever before, so why should the fittings that come later be any different?

To use the example of kitchen worktops, we only have look at some of the compound materials used in these and how much more hard wearing they are.

This is another concept that has been fully embraced by J Rotherham. It uses cutting edge equipment and compounds to create worktops that are based around classic designs – such as the latest quartz worktops – without having to worry about a lack of durability.

It is simply the case that man-made materials can be manipulated to be much less porous than their natural counterparts. This can prevent wear and tear that fades colour and increases the risk of cracks.
Again, these are also made to fit modern dimensions, meaning those who live in a contemporary home can get a classic look that is long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

So if you’re worried about being able to get a timeless look in a modern home, fear not, as there is a world of help out there. Manufacturing professionals at firms like J Rotherham will give an instant insight into how even the most rigid of new-builds can be adapted and customised using cutting edge fixtures and fittings.