Buying a new kitchen? Read this!

As stone masons who spend our days happily crafting beautiful kitchen worktops, we’re always on the lookout for kitchen-related news and advice that we think our customers might enjoy reading. On that note, this useful article by Emma Rice for Ham & High Property caught our eye recently, as it’s packed with valuable tips for what to consider when you’re buying a new kitchen.

We couldn’t agree more with Emma’s statement that “Kitchens are no longer just cooking areas, they are areas where we live as well as cook”. Indeed, it’s not for nothing that the kitchen is considered “the heart of the home”, so the care with which you choose your kitchen design should reflect this.

Choosing a new kitchen is incredibly exciting, but it can be daunting, too, with seemingly endless decisions to be made: how many cupboards are needed? What material will you have for your worktops? What style of door handles will match? What style of sink should you go for, and what kind of taps? And that’s without even thinking about the appliances, such as the hob and oven. If you’re feeling terrified at the prospect of picking out the right design for your kitchen, the article has lots of tips to help you.

One of the most important bits of advice in it is to visit the showroom and not to make a snap decision. You can view samples of our kitchen worktops at any one of our many Nationwide retailers (view our interactive map to find a retailer near you), or by requesting our new brochure or videos.

Whilst visiting our retailers, you’ll be able to browse our worktops at your leisure; there’s no pressure to buy and you won’t be pushed you to rush into such an important decision. We know how important it is to get your worktop right; after all, it’s not just a surface on which you can chop the vegetables – it will affect the whole look of your kitchen.

Finally, the article advocates buying from companies with a bit of history, as the longevity of a company can be a good indication of its calibre. Given that we were founded in 1927, we’d be inclined to agree!