Bespoke Fireplace Design: The Provence at Meadow Farm

Nestled in a picturesque Yorkshire village, is a quaint modern luxury farm house called ‘Meadow Farm’. With the farm having recently undergone a quality refurbishment, J. Rotherham were commissioned by Northalleton based Yorkshire Fireplaces to manufacture two custom-made fireplace surrounds: a bespoke Provence style Fireplace surround in Creeton Limestone and Marlborough Fireplace surround in Portland Limestone.

Steve Ball, homeowner, retired businessman and entrepreneur bought Meadow Farm with his beloved wife in 2014, returning to his homeland of Yorkshire having spent many years of his life overseas.

Steve bought the Provence and Marlborough fireplace surrounds as a good balance between his taste, and that of his wife Linda. “With Meadow Farm, we either wanted to go for a cottage feel with a touch of elegance which is what we saw in the Marlborough, or a very rustic and medieval feel that we think we have in the Provence. It’s fantastic that we were able fit both ideas using the same company” says Steve.

It was Linda who opted for the Marlborough Fireplace, wanting a more elegant touch in a space which she has transformed into her own personal yoga studio. In addition, J. Rotherham’s Provence Creeton Limestone fireplace surround features in the main living room of Meadow Farm, and delivers formidable strength and form so true of its French styling.

Created from raw block, Provence’s prominent architectural design allowed Steve and Linda to up-size the design in line with their own personal requirements. Opting for a much deeper mantel which was created in 3 parts, J. Rotherham expertly hand carved and finished every detail, from top shelf trim to crown moulding, through to complementary plinths and leg surrounds. The deep nature of the mantel and rustic overbearing look of the Provence is just what Steve wanted to display his prized musket!

Steve Ball goes on to say “I chose J. Rotherham because being a Yorkshire man who has been living overseas for a number of years, it was important to me to source locally here in Yorkshire.”

Adding a sophisticated flourish to any type of home, interior scheme or setting, J. Rotherham’s bespoke Provence and Marlborough Fireplace Surrounds are pale cream to white in colour and when polished to a soft sheen, the stone naturally reflects both light and colour beautifully.

J. Rotherham offer luxury British fireplace designs at great prices, all made on-site at its 17 acre advanced manufacturing facility in Yorkshire. With over 70 exquisite, hand crafted stone fireplaces in contemporary and traditional styles, J. Rotherham can boast a beautiful selection of British and European limestone choices, as well as wood, marble and new cutting edge sintered stone materials thanks to its fully bespoke and comprehensive service.