Awesome Tips for Better Carpet Cleaning

Whether your cream-colored carpets have coffee stains, crayon marks from your playful toddler, or just build-up of daily dirt and dust, every carpet needs to have some attention and care from time to time.  Many homeowners put off cleaning their carpets due to all the work that is involved in getting all of the furniture moved and having to wait for the fibers in the carpet to dry.  However, taking care of carpeting doesn’t need to be a difficult chore.  If you have ever wanted to know how to easily clean your carpets, the following are a couple of easy and fast ays to remove lingering smells and stubborn stains.

Proven Carpet Cleaning Tips

Using powder for cleaning your carpets

Using powder is an excellent way to get your carpets clean.  It is a great strategy for thoroughly cleaning your carpets, whether you are using baking soda or a powdered carpet cleaner:

Liberally sprinkle the powder over your carpet.

Leave the powder on for 30 minutes at least – however it is even better if it can be left on overnight.  That provides the cleaner enough time to do its work, to consume the odors and soften the stains.

When you are done vacuum the powder up.

Using carpet shampoo

Another popular method for cleaning carpets is to use carpet shampoo.  There are numerous carpet shampoo brands that are available, so just make sure to follow the directions on the label.

Follow the directions on the package to make your solution.  You will need to dilute the product with water in many cases.

Use just enough of the carpet shampoo for covering the area.

Make sure to not get your carpet too wet  – this wastes detergent and also will increase the drying time.

Use a hard-bristled brush on the particularly stubborn areas.

Allow the carpet to dry.

After it has dried vacuum the shampoo.

Best Carpet Cleaner For You: Shampoo or Powder?

In order to clean your carpets, simply using water and soap won’t cut it, particularly if you have years worth of accumulated muck, deep-seated odors or persistent stains.  When cleaning their home’s carpets, most people will either use carpet shampoo or carpet powder.

According to Scottsdale Cleaners to tackle dirt and stains quickly, you should look into using a dedicated carpet powder instead of a shampoo.  It can take hours for shampoos to dry, and leave the rooms off-limits until they have dried.  You can vacuum up powdered products a lot faster, and they work just as well.

Whatever carpet cleaning product you end up using, be sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Natural Carpet Cleaning Products

There are a number of regular kitchen cupboard staples that can do a great job if you want to use a natural carpet cleaning product.  A majority of people have heard that you can use tonic water or soda water for counteracting coffee stains.  However, salt is a good option as well to remove dirt or soak fresh stains up.  Baking soda also absorbs nasty smells that hide in the carpet fibers.  Keep in mind, that whenever you are using a new cleaning product or method, test it first on a small area.

Handy Tricks For Removing Carpet Stains

With isolated stains, the best thing to do is take care of them as soon as you can before they have the chance to thoroughly dry into the material of the carpet. Resist the temptation to wipe stains.  You should blot them instead in order to prevent the stain from going into the carpet deeper or smudging.  Although you can use a detergent to spot clean, using the following useful stain remover tricks is also worth trying, depending on what the stain’s source is:

For sticky stains such as gum, use an ice cube to harden it before you pry it off.

For a smelly stain, mix together equal parts of warm water and vinegar and then use a cloth to apply it to the area.

So there you go – having stain-free carpets is definitely possible.  Enjoy brighter and fresher-looking rooms.

Key Steps:

It is faster to use powdered carpet cleaners since you can vacuum them up – no lengthy drying process is needed.

To scrub stains out, use a solution of carpet shampoo and water along with a hard bristled brush.

You can use baking soda as a deodorizer.

Always first test a cleaning product out in a small area.