Aurea Stone launch new collection

On 25th September, J. Rotherham, one of Britain’s leading stone masonry companies, attended the launch of the new quartz surface collection, Sequence by innovative brand and industry partner Aurea Stone.

The event took place in Villa Mosconi Bertani, an 18th Century majestic Winehouse, surrounded by woods and vineyards, in the very heart of Valpolicella, just a few minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage city of Verona, Italy.

Sequence, the innovative Aurea Stone proposal, revolutionises the stone industry with its new four colours: Helix, Nautilus, Sequence and Spirals. An inspiring sequence… and inspired collection.

The Launch event itinerary was meticulously planned and delivered, offering exclusive guests an evening of first-class entertainment and hospitality. Guests were warmly welcomed with a photo call entrance in the stunning Villa gardens before welcome cocktails with Alberto de Figueiredo, an internationally recognized magician, who amazed attendees with unbelievable close-up magic routines, most of them tailored for Aurea Stone.

Later, attendees were taken to The Chamber of the Muses, a magnificent room decorated with 18th Century frescoes featuring stunning trompe l’oeil figures of the muses of art and science: Architecture, Sculpture, Art, Geometry, Astronomy and Music.

Sergi Vendrells, Aurea Stone CEO, announced the official launch of Sequence, through a motivational and emotional speech, thanking all those partners and friends who have been supporting this project objectively.

Sergi Vendrells went on to introduce NEOS, Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Aurea Stone surfaces.

Taking advantage of the launch of Sequence, Sergi Vendrells communicated the new ongoing project: SMILE. A wish come true where Aurea Stone would like to thank customers for their support and confidence in the brand by assisting the less fortunate. SMILE: Aurea SIMLE Project – Support of Mankind In Less Fortunate Environments.

Highly talented artist, painter and illustrator, Felipe Mejías, specialising with Sand Art technique, brought the formal launch to a close with a carefully customized show for Aurea Stone.

Attendees were later driven to the Secret Garden of Villa Mosconi Bertani to see the new collection. A fairy-tale private park where the centuries-old magnolias embellished the four new colours displayed on a-frames all along the greenery garden, giving the guests the opportunity to see the new colours first-hand in both available finishes in the collection offering: Silk & Polish.

Additionally, visitors had the occasion to see the Art Collection colours, Aurea Stone´s first palette, which has been in the market for three years.

J. Rotherham attendees Pictured from left: Paul Neal – Sales Director, Matt Rotherham – Managing Director, Martin Rowley – Purchasing Manager, Mark Dennis- Production Manager, Terry Drury – Head of Engineering