J. Rotherham’s Architectural and Designer Stonework design workshop is dedicated to hand-finished workmanship of the utmost quality.

We produce stunning statues and architectural masonry – including stone and marble statues and stone column capitals – for all manner of customers, projects and locations.

Our fine stone carving can be found all over the UK, in prestigious public spaces to private family homes and gardens.

We’re proud to be one of the oldest and most highly respected stone masons in the United Kingdom today, and our unparalleled reputation is due in part to the quality of our stone consultancy.

Our designers, programmers and masons have worked on projects of all sizes in both traditional and modern styles, supported by the use of the latest 3D design software, computer numerically controlled (CNC) and robotic machinery.

This combination of traditional carving skills and cutting-edge technology allows high levels of precision whilst optimising costs and delivery times for the customer.

Understanding the client’s needs and wishes is essential to successful masonry design, and we work closely with our customers in order to achieve their absolute vision together, providing frequent advice and photographic updates on the carvings or sculptures as they progress.

We also encourage all our customers to visit our Yorkshire workshop whenever they wish, as a way to involve them further in the fascinating process and forge a deep understanding of the processes and costs involved in producing their commission.

Carving and sculpture can be a beautiful, eloquent means of expression and ornamentation but achieving the vision of the artist or architect often requires quite a rare or particular subtlety. 

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