A room ‘should be a soothing backdrop to your life’

Interior designer and celebrity favourite Kelly Hoppen has provided some advice on how to create a beautiful and useful room – and it starts with treating the home as though it is a theatre.

Speaking in an interview with the Metro, she explained that a house needs to be a backdrop for the people in it.

“We are the actors. Some people often think it’s the other way round but, for me, it has to have a very calm and neutral backdrop and you and your family, your art and your objects are what move and create the vibrancy,” she insisted.

But how can this be achieved? Hoppen explained that the first thing to do when you have a blank canvas is begin with a thorough plan. She suggested having a good think about what the space needs to be used for and what type of things will be necessary to achieve this.

For example, if it is your living room in which you like to read at the end of a tough day, you might like to incorporate some elegant floor lamps to avoid straining your eyes.

Using measured pieces of paper to work out where you want your furniture and other pieces to go was another tip from Hoppen so that you don’t finish up looking either overcrowded or sparse.

Another suggestion from us is to consider a focal point, otherwise your design scheme can appear aimless. For a living room, the ideal piece is a good quality fireplace, which will draw the eye towards it but is also useful.

Indeed, Marion Falchi of Falchi Interiors once said she does not think fires and a classic surround will ever go out of fashion because Britons see them as an “integral” part of the home.

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