788 years and counting

When companies say they are “experts”, and they offer the “best” product or service on the market, what does that really mean? In a world where it takes only hours to design a flashy website and include some imaginative marketing text, it can be a minefield for the customer to locate a truly knowledgeable and trustworthy organisation.

It is important for companies to define their value proposition. In some industries, especially fast disposable goods, price is king.

Tesco’s success in the 90s and 2000s was built on offering an ever wider choice of goods, cheaper than the competition and summarised by the slogan “Every little helps”.

When new, more streamlined companies enter the market, this value proposition is put under great pressure and the organisation starts to lose its way. We have seen this with the low cost discounters Aldi and Lidl in the grocery sector.

For customers looking to purchase higher value durable goods for their home, the purchasing decision will often be somewhat different.

Emotive reasons for buying enter the purchasing decision- for example; “is this the colour and style I want?”, “can it have bespoke design details?” as well as practical decisions; “does it have the functionality I require?” and “how long is it likely to last?”

When it comes to buying durable goods, such as J. Rotherham’s luxury kitchen worktops in granite, quartz and Corian, we are offering the customer what we believe to be the very highest value proposition on the market. This means supplying the best product, not simply the cheapest.

By this we mean:

  • To offer a comprehensive choice of the most beautiful material styles and colours.
  • To only use raw materials that are manufactured to the very highest standards on the market, backed up by a comprehensive warranty.
  • To offer expert design training and technical support.
  • To have the highest standards of production in the UK, through the utilisation of the most advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship.
  • To have the most knowledgeable and technically advanced template and installation teams in the UK, ensuring we install products on time, right first time.
  • To always operate with the utmost integrity and set a benchmark for excellence in our customer service.
  • To ensure we respect our planet, and do everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint for the benefit of future generations.

Through continuous innovation, and a mentality to remove all waste from our organisation, we aim to be as competitive as we possibly can.

We refuse, however, to cut corners and standards of quality. Prices come down only as a result of increased efficiencies, never by decreases in standards.

In the words of the famous English critic John Ruskin:

“There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man’s lawful prey.”

At J. Rotherham, we constantly strive to deliver genuine quality. If I am a buying customer, what does that actually mean to me?

Put simply, it means I will have a product I can be proud to own in my own home, that treated right will last a lifetime.

J. Rotherham has a combined experience of 788 years* of working with marble, granite, stone and high performance engineered materials such as quartz and Corian. More than any other company in our industry, we have the expertise to know how to deliver the best product on the market.

Fundamentally we believe Quality is doing something right, even when no one else is watching.

*Total current employees continuous years spent working for J. Rotherham only, excludes individuals’ experience of working for any other companies