7 Inexpensive Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Redesigning or remodelling the bathroom is one way of revitalizing the perceptions you and your family have about that room. Such a thing should not cost you an arm and a leg to achieve. You can transform the bathroom and still manage to save some good money using the following low-cost bathroom remodelling ideas.

1. Limit Your Tile

Tiles are a beautiful addition to any bathroom that did not have such, but they can get expensive if you account for the cost of buying them and hiring a contractor to lay them for you. So, how can you save money when you want to install tiles?

Focus on the high-impact areas such as the floor and the walls of the shower stall; limit the tiling to only these areas and look of suitable cheap alternatives for the other remaining spaces, such as using waterproof paint. You can use accent tiles together with more inexpensive types so that you still manage to get something decorative finish at half the price.

2. Save on Counter Tops

Granite countertops are a trendy option especially for a bathroom that has small spaces; the investment is affordable compared to having the same installed in the kitchen. To save on this; first decide on a colon preferably neutral colours such as beige, tan and light brown. Countertops with such colours are often cheap, and you should widen your choice of colours to see if you can save even more.

Do not look down on countertops slabs that have imperfections. Yes, they are cheap because of the defects, but they still are usable. You only need to get creative when installing such slabs and you will have something presentable. Let the imperfection be located in the most inconspicuous part or position that makes it hard to notice.

How about repurposing old dressers to be sink pedestals in your bathroom! It is a trending DIY bathroom remodelling style that has substantial savings. You just cut out the top so that the dresser can accommodate the sink. You can opt to remove the drawers that cut into them so that they fit and give the pedestal a unique look. Make holes for the plumbing, and there you have it, a dresser sink, something that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars to buy from a retail store.

3. Paint

Repainting the room is one of the best ways of redesigning the bathroom if you do not have enough money to spend.

However, it is wise to consider your options and make the right decision when working with paints. Your bathroom may be small, but it endures a lot of wetness. Therefore, painting the room should be a slow and gentle work done with patience and accuracy as you cover every inch, from the shower or tub base and the mirror, shelves, and toilet to the switch-plates, walls, corners, door, and windows. You will need painter’s tape and different brushes so that you do a perfect job.

Moisture is a factor to contend with when remodeling the bathroom and have to do your best and battle the chances of mold and mildew developing. Humidity and fluctuating temperatures are also issues to have in mind and all these only points toward the need of using high quality, waterproof paints that offer a satin finish. You may have to use a different type of paint for the ceiling depending on the kind of ceiling you have.

4. Update Fixtures

When updating bathroom fixtures, it is essential to have an eye for detail. The towel racks, pull out drawers, shelves, sink faucets, and light fixtures are some of the small investments that may look insignificant but are far from that. Knowing which of these you can update can make a huge difference in the overall look at the end of the bathroom remodeling project. You can get more ideas about this from modernbathroom.com. The site has pricey items, but you can get ideas of things you can replicate and work with, in your bathroom.

In most instance, exercising your creativity in finding things in your home that you can recycle and repurpose for use in your bathroom can help you save a lot when thinking of ways to update your bathroom fixtures. For instance, you can polish the used old plumbing as towel racks. If you need more ideas, check out these simple bathroom style updates.

5. Freshen Caulk And Grout

Your efforts to maintain clean surfaces in the bathroom can help to keep the grout and caulk from losing their luster, but the eventually of the same is inevitable. As such, your efforts to remodel the bathroom should include cleaning the grout, straightening the lines as you add new caulk. Doing this will add some sparkle to overall effects of your efforts when freshening up the surfaces around the tub, sink, walls, and the floor.

6. Redo Rather Than Buy

If your remodeling project includes plans to replace the shower or tub, then such a plan will not be cheap. So how can you achieve a new change as still not feel the pinch in your wallet?

The ideal only works best for the shower and tab, doing the same to the bathroom sink and shower fixtures cost more than it would replacing them. The cost of refinishing the fixtures is high because few contractors work on these, and those that do prefer vintage pieces and charge premium prices for their services.

You’re more likely to make a huge savings if you have a vintage shower or tub and fixtures made of porcelain or cast iron because you can refinish these yourself. The work will also be relatively easy if these are made of fiberglass. You will need to invest around $150 on a DIY refinishing kit and a few extra bucks on other supplies such as paint brushes, spray gun, face mask, and sander. You can get tips on what to do from the HGTV DIY refinishing tutorial.

7. Buy Used

You can save money on the bathroom fixture upgrades by purchasing them used. Craigslist and eBay are some of the sites that you can scout to see what you can find. You can also check out Habitat for Humanity ReStore to see if you can find tubs, sinks, and mirrors as wells doors and windows.

You can also find an array of options on Etsy. One Etsy artist makes cool hanging lamps from brightly colored vintage Tupperware. The lamps should be an exciting addition to your bathroom ceiling. You can find different items by searching the site using the keyword “bathroom.”