6 Tips to Heat Your Bathroom More Efficiently

Do you want to reduce your heating bills and stay comfortable indoors during winter? If your answer is a big yes, then I advise you to focus on treating the person and not the house.

Even though extra sweaters, merino wool socks, and hand crocheted ushankas are fantastic, there is one area that the items we just listed will not help- the bathroom of course! Here are 10 effective ways that will help your bathroom fight frosty winter mornings

Prevent cold air from entering your bathroom

Cold air is like an enemy outside your house looking for ways to get into your house. Window frames are among the weakest point of defense and it is important to ensure that your window frames don’t let in the cold air. Check if the caulking around your bathroom windows is old and cracking.

If it is, remove it using a putty knife and then redo the job. On the outside, you should have a weatherizing silicone caulk while on the inside, you can use cheap acrylic caulk tubes.

Nowadays, caulk is available in a wide range of colors meaning that it is easy to find a color that will match your bathroom’s existing décor. Check the entrances where the plumbing pipes enter and leave your bathroom.

If you find that the holes aren’t properly sealed, they may either need caulking or if there are large gaps, use a can of expanding foam. You should also remember to insulate electrical outlets on the outside walls. Form-fitting gaskets can prevent cold air from flowing into your bathroom through the prong holes.

Treat your windows

Sustainability Victoria, an Australian energy watchdog group believes that one glass pane can lose about 10x as much heat as a similar area of insulated wall. One of the best and free way to insulate your windows is by using bubble wrap saved from those packages shipped to your house.

All you have to do is to cut bubble wrap that fits your window and then adhere it with a spritz of water to the window. Despite the fact that bubble wrap makes windows fuzzy, the best thing about using it is that it will let plenty of light through.

Using a clear film that is applied with double stick tape can be a more aesthetic option. All is usually included in commercial kits used to treat windows.  When the film is trimmed and heat shrunk using a common hairdryer, it will be almost invisible. Carefully apply the tape to those surfaces that are painted.

If you are worried that paint may peel off when it is removed, use painter’s tape (blue rolls). Doing this is important as it will prevent the paint from peeling off. Once the plastic is installed, you will not be able to open your windows until the spring. So, it may be a good idea to plan ahead.

Improvised bathroom shutters

If your bathroom is not a public space in your house, buy a rigid foam board and then cut it to fit your windows. Only remove them whenever you need light. You may also use cardboard boxes pieces that are taped together to make shutters by yourself.

Tape these card boxes together and fit them into your window space. If you don’t want to keep your bathroom a showplace, then use an old blanket to help you insulate the space during winter.

If your bathroom is equipped with a ceiling vent, don’t turn it on to let odors escape as the warm air will go right outside with them.

As we all know, warm air rises. However, before heated air starts its journey upwards, the British National Energy Foundation believes that about 10 percent of the air disappears through the floor. The best way to solve this is by having rugs on your bathroom floor.

If you don’t like having cold feet

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, then it may be good to install radiant heat flooring. This idea of radiant heat has been in existence for centuries with heated water running through tubes around your house. Nowadays, electric systems use think wires much like an electric blanket and are controlled by a thermostat.

Heat the space

It is a good idea to heat your bathroom for the time it will be used. Modern electric space heaters are powerful and stylish and can stand in towers or mounted on walls away from splash zones. Candles can be aromatic as they indulge all our sense with pleasant aromas and scents. A radiator can be a great addition and also be used for towels – check out this buying guide for radiators.

Apart from being aromatic and atmospheric, they can be good sources of heat in bathrooms. With a clay pot and a few bricks, you can make a Terra Cotta Pot Heater that will provide warmth to the whole space.

Paint the walls

In most cases, body warmth is a case of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter. You can change your mindset on cold mornings by decorating your bathroom with warm textures and colors. You will be surprised how the perception of the real temperature will change.