Our Granite Worktops are manufactured from a carefully selected range of the most popular and consistent granite from around the world.

Attractive, glossy and hard-wearing, it is easy to see why Granite is A hugely popular kitchen worktop material.

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Why choose Granite

Natural Beauty

Granite is formed over millions of years and gives you a unique piece of nature in your home.

Heat Resistant

Granite has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof.


Granite is an igneous rock and therefore it is very hard, making it difficult to scratch or damage.


Granite has a naturally cool surface, making it ideal for food preparation.

Stain Shield

This special Nano technology stain repellent is professionally applied to every Granite worktop piece.

High Polish

The slow crystallisation of molten magma makes Granite a very hard material, allowing a high polish.

Silver Paradiso
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Granite provides a unique, natural and luxurious finishing touch to bring your kitchen to life.

J. Rotherham uses only the best suppliers and have refined our material range so that it offers the perfect solution for any taste.

Over decades in the industry we have built up a reputation for only allowing the very best quality and most consistent Granite to reach our factory.

This is why we are confident to offer a comprehensive 10 year warranty on all our Granite worktops.


A special Nano technology stain repellent is professionally applied to every Granite worktop piece; providing the highest level of protection for your worktops.

Using stain shield nano-technology and the correct after care products will ensure that the impregnator offers the maximum protection and that the granite worktops retain their natural beauty, even around areas of heavy wear.


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